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Lencois Maranhenses

Brazil's Lencois Maranhenses National Park, on the country's northeast coast is a Paradise of the Dunes.
Lencois Maranhenses

The park's white-sand dunes (some tower up to 40 meters high when conditions are right) are speckled with crystal-blue lagoons, which form tropical playgrounds in what otherwise looks like total desert. The lagoons can swell to three meters deep and 30 degrees Celsius, making them swimmable during certain times of year. They're expansive, empty and open for human exploration. Lencois Maranhenses is too rainy to be considered a technical "desert" - it gets too much rainfall which results in these fabulous lagoons that well up in nooks and crannies of the park's 383,000 windswept acres (1549 square kilometers).

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