Lembongan Island- a treasure package

Lembongan Island- a treasure package

Nusa Lembongan is a small beautiful island which is off the southeast coast of the main island of Bali. This island is gaining a lot of popularity among the tourist. It is actually a heaven on earth as its away from the hassle and chaotic pace of South Bali. There is no traffic and even you won’t spot any hawkers there. It is a great place to set your feet on the beach and relax. The beaches of this place are the cleanest one. Its beauty is as charming as its silence.  You can enjoy the place by planning a one-day trip from Bali or even you can stay there if you want to stay in a calm and peaceful environment.

Here is a list for you - Lembongan Island- a treasure package

1. Places to visit in Lembongan Island Panorama point

For the people who have a great interest in city skylines and helicopter views of the place, Panorama point is the place where you should be. It is the highest point of the island which gives an experience of a European city with red roofs surrounding all over on one side. The rest of the part is covered with dense forests which makes it a perfect place. The great view and the charming landscape make it a place which is worth taking a lot of selfies with your family and friends.

2. Mangroves


 Mangroves are deep and gloomy forests present in the water. The place is must visit for the calm and tranquility and the intense view it offers. You could also opt for a mangroves tour which is organized by the trip organizers out there. It will be worth taking as it will be an unusual experience.

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3. Snorkeling

This newly trending activity can be experienced here. The Crystal clear waters and attractive coral bed makes Lembongan the best place to please your adventurous buds.  You can Experience the most amazing snorkeling and scuba diving off the area at this place. You can go for it at mangrove point even. However, the best sight of corals and colorful fishes is present at the Crystal Bay. There are day trips which are fully organized in a right manner so that you can cover all the snorkeling spots of Lembongan. SO for the water adventure lovers, this place is a must visit.

4. Dream beach

 Perhaps it is the most esthetic beach of Indonesia, the view it offers is the afar explanation. The devil's tear and the swing near "the dream beach" board are the two most renowned spots which you can spot on the social media. The cafe above dream beach is suggested for the extravagant view, great range in food and fascinating seating arrangements. So don’t miss out on this place.


So if you are planning a trip to Bali than Lembongan Island should be on your list. If it is a short trip then go for a day by ferry and come back. If you are going with your lover or for a long relaxation trip than don’t miss out staying at this place as it will be worth the amount you spend.

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