Inspiring Travel Trends For 2019

Inspiring Travel Trends For 2019

  Travellers in 2019 will see numerous exciting Travel trends, which is due to the changing consumer behavior. The travel trends in the latest times are the biggest influencing market, be it Insta-holidays or eco-tourism, the way people are travelling is changing rapidly, not just with their holidays and vacation plans but the consciousness towards the society and sensitivity towards the surrounding and nature is also coming back into the society. Travel trends are what defines what we are doing in the travel industry and how much we have ameliorated in the experiences and ways of travelling. Therefore to have a look at how 2019 travel trends will be like, we have the latest Travel trends, which have already taken over the tourism industry.   

Here is a list for you - Inspiring Travel Trends For 2019

1. Insta Holidays

Insta Holidays


The Social media inspired millennials, are more keen in travelling to the destinations, which are Instagrammable or Insta Worthy, thus the changing travel trends are more reliable on how digital platforms are showcasing their cities and countries. Thus it has become important for tourism boards to work on their social media pages to boost tourism and invite travellers from around the world. So Insta- Holidays in 2019, is what we all are into. 

2. Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism


In past years there was very less awareness about the eco-tourism or sensitivity towards the local community, environment, and society. Now with the new travel trends, there is a drastic change in the way people travel. Also, big investors in the travel industry have also come up with the themes, which are nature-friendly.  Hotels, resorts have come up, which are completely nature sensitive and have adopted the ways to preserve flora and fauna. Not just that, initiatives have been taken to promote local tourism and generate employment for them. 

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3. Mini Vacations

Mini Vacations


According to the experts, 2019 will see a change in the travelling pattern, as travel trends have never been constant so is this one. Mini-vacations is the latest travel trend, which aims at maximizing the micro trip. It is difficult and a hassle to plan for a long trip. Therefore 2019 will see many weekend trips and mini vacations, thanks to the easy availability of cheap flights, trains, and cabs.

4. B Leisure Trip

B Leisure Trip


It's not a pure Business trip, Its business with leisure trip, as “the line between a business trip and a leisure vacation is increasingly blurry.” People who are travelling for their business trips get good hotel stays with all the facilities. Thus it’s no more a big deal to mix business with leisure. Therefore travel trends in 2019 will see many people having ‘Bleisure’ trip and that is not far when we all will forget the Business trip.

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5. Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism


Wellness Tourism was the term, which was only associated with the actors or actresses and there were very few places where these services were provided. With the changing trends in the Travel industry, the wellness Tourism travel trend is what booming in the industry. Not just with the big industry fraternity, but these days people are becoming aware of health and fitness, which has led to open up resorts, hotels, cafes, and restaurants those are just catering to the health conscious travellers. Not just that, people are actually travelling for their health and fitness. 

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