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Ingenious Ways of Making Camping a Fun-filled Activity

1. Try to keep the meals simple

While planning camping with family, one may feel attracted to prepare some elaborate menu at the campsite. But the reality is that making an elaborate preparation at a campsite may need enough utensils and their cleaning resources. Most importantly, less time can then be devoted to kids who may need more attention. Therefore, keeping meals simple is always recommended. Readymade items like grilled sandwiches and canned soups can be the superb camping ideas as they can be prepared really fast and plenty of quality time can then be expected for other forms of enjoyment. 

2. Make arrangements to keep the bugs away

There is no doubt that camping is an awesome way to explore nature but at the same time bugs can dampen one’s camping enthusiasm. Hence, it is important to ensure to keep them at bay by using some natural remedy. Putting a bundle of sage into the campfire can be an effective camping hack to keep the annoying insects away. One can also use other fragrant plants like citronella, lemon balm or basil so that they should be crushed properly and applied on the skin for a bug-free environment. 

3. Introduce a new game

 Kids can love to play camping games while parents attend to mandatory needs. A one or two-player game like a puzzle or card game can keep them company so that a kids camp can stay entertained. Moreover, if it rains outside and there is nothing else to do, simple games can be quite a handful to keep the fun going. It is not essential that the games have to be costly ones. Even a puzzle game from garage storage can be quite handy at a campsite.   

4. Don’t forget to take an emergency kit

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. So, get camping tips for an emergency kit so that in case of any eventuality, it can be handled satisfactorily. Instead of a big first-aid kit, a smaller one with only the essentials can be more desired. In that, ensure to keep a small compass, whistle, flint, and steel, pain reliever, and adhesive bandages along with antibiotic ointments that may be needed.   

5. Try collaborating with other families

Camping with another family can be much more fun and at the same time it can be a lot easier. There can be activities like putting up the tent, arranging food, and obviously activities like hiking or trailblazing. All these things, when done with a colleague can be much more enjoyable. At the same time, if a family does not have enough experience in camping, it can always learn the tricks from an experienced one by venturing out with them so that different travel gears and camping storage ideas can be learned.

6. Hang items on the tree

At a campsite, there may not be enough space to keep everything that we take along with us. One of the best hacks can be to carry a used belt together with some S-hooks. The belt can be tightly wound around a tree and the S-hooks can be fitted on it so that utensils or unused clothes can be hung on them. This way, items can stay safe and dry so that when needed, they can easily be fetched from the S-hooks.

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7. Make the best use of a shoe organizer

Make the best use of a shoe organizer

An ordinary shoe organizer can come in quite handy at a campsite. It can be converted into an outdoor kitchen organizer so that cooking accessories, different food preparations, camping things, and eatery items can be kept in them while being clearly visible from outside. People will not have to search for anything as everything will easily be visible from the outside. 

8. Convert a bucket into an emergency toilet

One of the most important things on a camping trail can be attending the call of nature. If an adequate arrangement is not available, one can easily convert a five-gallon bucket into an emergency toilet by placing a heavy-duty garbage bag inside it and putting a toilet seat on its edge. Toilet paper rolls are, anyway, carried by most campers and that should not be a problem. 


By following these clever ideas, camping can be made an easier and fun activity for every family member. One can get a lot of camping locations by visiting hellotravels.com and that can provide a fair idea of selecting a place that can be visited for camping on the next vacation.

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