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Traveling and Blogging with better halves

Traveling and Blogging with better halves

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1. Sandeepa and Chetan

Sandeepa and Chetan Sandeepa and Chetan

Sandeepa and Chetan are travelers from Mumbai, India. They have quit their jobs, sold their house and are traveling full time around the world. Their latest trip was in South America – 5 months, 6 countries, 23,000 kms. Several buses, 3 boat journeys and 1 flight.  

They went snorkeling with the sea lions in Patagonia, saw the world’s only growing glacier in the Andes, walked over the flattest place on earth at Salar de Uyuni, met the ancient Incan civilisation up-close-and personal at Machu Picchu, got drenched in waterfalls 3 times the size of Niagara at Iguazu and lived in the Amazon!

2. Revati & Charles

Revati & Charles Revati & Charles

Revati and Charles Married couple, Indians from Mumbai, advertising professionals by day, Amateur chefs and Professional travel bloggers by night. Oh and they manage to squeeze in a bit of travel and photography somewhere along the way.

There are enough people around the world who travel and write about their experiences. They the ones who open different doors. Unique experiences they have dug out with a lot of effort. New ways of discovering even the most popular and mainstream of destinations. Whether or not you’re a travel-lover, you’ll certainly feel the wanderlust once you read their blog!

3. Param & Shikha

Param & Shikha Param & Shikha

Param and Shikha, a film-making couple, make The Untourists. Shikha is an acclaimed ad film director and Param, a National Award winning Cinematographer. Apart from movies and photography, they love travelling, nature, wildlife, great food, culture, interestingness. So it’s but natural this blog was on their minds.

Why “The Untourists”?

Because Param and Shikha love being away from crowds and tourists. So they are always looking for that unknown untouristy place or the untouristy things to do in a popular place. They travel in the off-season or on weekdays. They shoot on digital as well as good old film. They like to experience, observe, and explore life through their lens, through cultures unknown to them and through authentic food that they can’t resist, once served, even for a picture!

4. Ankur & Sonia

Ankur & Sonia Ankur & Sonia

Ankur & Sonia a couple, bitten by wanderlust. Just say ‘travel’, and they will be jumping off their seats and will be ready with a small back pack to set sail! Festivals, nature, wildlife, architecture, history, culture, adventure, food, family, friends… all are their inspiration to travel.

They have regular office job, which are dear to them. That is what funds the travel! They are foodies….and we are vegetarians as well. Yes! One person can don both hats! The ‘hunt’ for vegetarian food in different countries has been an adventure of a different kind, which they have now started enjoying.

Their trips are typically comfortable budget holidays, with a couple of days of luxury thrown in. I like to spend time exploring architecture, historical sites and museums. Any and every aqua-related activity interests me. Ankur likes to laze around for most of the time, tan into a cookie, read a book and enjoy his glass of wine. On every vacation, we do a few things that I like and a few things that Ankur likes… that’s what makes each vacation perfect!

5. Brinda and Poorna

Brinda and Poorna Brinda and Poorna

Brinda and Poorna are from Bengaluru. They travel together. They caught travel bug 20 years back.  It continues, ever since. Travel is a common passion that has always played an important role in their lives.

Yes, they have had amazing experiences during their journey so far. Be it seeing the tallest Shivling in the world or driving on the highest motorable road in the world!

Their goal at “Travel Twosome” is to share tales and tips from their travel hoping that it will inspire you to travel more. Travel for them has been and continues to being curious about the world they live in and exploring the world in all its beauty, eccentricities.

6. Ashray and Zara

Ashray and Zara Ashray and Zara

Ashray and Zara are a couple from India and Portugal. Back in 2011 they quit their jobs in Dubai to travel around the world. Now they want to inspire everyone to travel, no matter where they come from.

Their blog Backpack ME offers and East meets West perspective. They share practical information (their section Visas for Indians is pretty popular with Indian travelers!), inspirational articles and a lot of visuals to inspire readers to leave their comfort zone and live an adventure.

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