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India Signs Mou With Qatar For Promoting Tourism Industry

Photo by: Lokmarg
India and Qatar Signs MOU to Boost Mutual Tourism Opportunities

Union Cabinet of India has added new opportunity in the tourism industry for Indian travelers. Recently with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Qatar, Indian travelers will have an opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world. This memorandum will definitely welcome new development programs for Indian travel industry and will strengthen the relations between these two countries in this industry. The MoU emphasis on various exchange visits of travelers, tour operators, media and opinion makers that will encourage the promotion of tourism and cooperation between these countries.

The main objectives of the MoU are providing favorable conditions for the travelers from both the countries, exchange statistics related to tourism, support in the marketing of tourism between country and encouraging private and public sectors to invest in the tourism industry for its development. As per tourism opportunity for India, Qatar is an emerging market for Indian travel industry. In 2015, about 6,313 tourists visited India from Qatar. Thus, this MoU will definitely welcome a large number of visitors from Qatar and Indian travelers will have hassle free travel trips to Qatar. India is the most preferred country for medical tourism from Qatar.

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