India Only Can Give You Diverse Travel Experiences

India Only Can Give You Diverse Travel Experiences


India is the cultural capital of the World. With the ancient history of various civilizations, traditions, kingdoms, and spiritual beliefs, this place is an amalgam of the vivid ethnicity and modern day information technology. Truly, if you want to see how humans evolved with time, come and live in India! You shall find as many Sadhus and Yogis as there are Software Engineers in this place. People have got their way of moving with time, adopting the latest professions, while not missing out on their culture. People celebrate their festivals and follow their idols just like it was done centuries ago. And believe me when I say, you might have to travel for 20 years to cover the complete place, learning the varying culture of every place, which changes from city to city, drastically. It is known that people here speak more than 100+ languages, but if you know Hindi or English, you might not feel much alienated.


Here are the top 5 experiences you should have in India

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Here is a list for you - India Only Can Give You Diverse Travel Experiences

1. The Himalayan experience

The Himalayan experience


Well, you need to visit and say Hello! To the mighty Himalayas. There are beautiful destinations, which will make you feel at home even at the remotest places on earth. Get to know how people live in such difficult terrains, and still happy, still contended, and welcoming!

2. The Cold Desert, Ladakh


Ever visited a desert a desert which is cold? No? Well, let me take you to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Welcome to Ladakh. I have posted more about this amusing place in another blog, please go and read more about it. You shall love it. The Tibetan culture, monasteries, Yak Cheese Momos, Homestays, cold-desert camel rides, it's just too funny.

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3. Mumbai, The City That Never Sleeps


You might have heard about the Indian Cinema Industry – Bollywood. To put things into perspective, most Hollywood animations are nowadays created at this place. Yes, you heard that right. Mumbai or Bombay as it was called earlier is the Financial Capital of India, and also contains the Bollywood. The urban city is beautifully designed, whereas you will also get to see the world’s biggest slums, which power many million dollar industries. The paparazzi can be seen meddling anywhere in this city of celebs, and people are really sweet.

4. Shillong, the mini Scotland of India


This place is called the Scotland of India. It's the cleanest place in India and is part of the mountain range which records the highest rainfall in the world. Beautiful lakes, delicious food, and amazing music & cafes mark this place as unique and a must visit.

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5. Rajasthan, the city of cultures and festivities


The desert which covers the largest state in India is the symbol of Indian Culture, heritage, and pride. You will get to see a lot many things which you might have not even ever heard of anywhere before. The traditions are going strong for decades and centuries now and will make you fall in love with the colors of India.

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