Huge 21% Growth in Air Passenger Traffic for June, 2016

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Number of Domestic Air Passenger Traffic is Soaring High - India

From previous few months in a row, the number of domestic air passenger traffic is soaring high with double digit growth. Compared to the same period of previous year, the June month of this year has surged a significant 21% rise in air passenger traffic, which is way above than the expected. The number of air passengers compared to previous year June to this year’s has risen from 66.01 lakh to 79.75 lakh.

The data released by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation shows that the passenger traffic for January-June of this year grew by total 22.52%. On the other hand, the passenger traffic factor in this month has slightly decreased compared to previous month due to the end of tourist season and starting of monsoon. Indian budget air passenger carrier IndiGo has achieved the highest market share during this time followed by Jet Airways, Air India and SpiceJet in rows.

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