How to plan your perfect Europe trip in Budget

How to plan your perfect Europe trip in Budget

Traveling to Europe is a dream trip and considered to be as in the top bucketed list of many. Though the sheer cost and expenditure on traveling let many to put off their plans. So if you are planning a budget trip to Europe then we have tips for you, as its just about the planning and doing it in the right way. There are numerous ways to save on your trip, the first and the foremost is to start preparing two-three months before your trip, check which cities you would like to travel, how well they are connected to each other, time duration you are spending in traveling from one city to another and hotel or hostel you are staying in. Once all these things get sorted then trust me, you are not only saving a chunk but you can cover five cities in just 100,000 or less because we have done it. Europe has a lot to offer, from Milan’s amazing shopping experience to Paris’ grand architecture, Brussels breweries and chocolates to Amsterdam’s nightlife, nothing will disappoint your enthusiasm to travel. So if you have decided to go on a budget, then we have an amazing plan for you to travel in May-June, considered to be as the best time to travel to Europe and won’t even go heavy on your pockets. This itinerary of five cities for per person , won’t cost you more than 1 lakh .

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Here is a list for you - How to plan your perfect Europe trip in Budget

1. Amsterdam-Milan-Paris-Brussels-Brugge-Amsterdam

We have chosen this itinerary so that we can save on time and spending much on intercity and intracity traveling. Connectivity helps in covering a lot many places, while spending less time traveling, so this is the best way to cover most-traveled and popular destinations in Europe.

2. Book tickets in advance

To get cheaper deals it's advisable to book your tickets two months before you are traveling. This requires a little bit of research, as in check as many websites you can on daily basis for around a week to grab the best deal.

Cost spending: INR 30000-350000 approx.

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3. Save on Visa application DIY, your visa process

Book all your tickets before applying for the visa, we all get scared of visa rejection, that doesn’t mean you cannot apply for visa on your own. It's about collecting all the right documents as mentioned on the VFS website and submit them on time.

Cost spending: INR 4400 approx.

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5. Go for Hostels rather than hotels

Just like booking for the tickets, give some time in research to book the best deals in hotels or hostels. There is a lot of fluctuation in the prices of hotels and hostels, so keeping an eye will help you in getting the best deal.

Also, hostels in Europe are pretty safe and clean, and if you are in a group or with friends then that’s the best option.

Research well and read reviews before booking.

Cost spending: For 6 days hostels will cost you INR 12000 approx

6. Intercity Travelling

Intercity traveling is where you can save the most, while not going by the option of Train as it will cost you much more than the amount you will be paying for buses or airlines.

For traveling from one city to another go by local buses and low-cost airlines. There are many options available around the clock.  

Cost spending: INR 15000 approx.

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7. Within the city traveling

When you are traveling within the city it is always feasible to take the day passes, which allows you to take buses, trams, and metros wherever you want to go to the city.

Also, you need not buy tickets again and again or going in a hassle of from where to board or get down.

Therefore, you can enjoy the luxury to get down anywhere and grab any means of transport from anywhere.

Cost spending: INR 10000 approx.

8. Where to eat

Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to food, and finding the food, which fits into your budget won’t be a big deal.

There are numerous street food options and lot many cafes where you can grab your meals without going heavy on your pockets.

Just look for cafes and avoid fine-dining, try not to eat nearby popular tourist destinations. Also, carry your own water-bottles and you can always buy your munchies and fresh fruits from grocery stores there.  

Cost spending: For 3 meals for 6 days will cost you INR 25000 approx.

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