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How To Avoid Getting Sick On A Plane?

With increasing travel life it has become essential to learn how to stay healthy and fit while travelling. Many travellers complain that they fall ill after every trip. For this they find the food or the water or even the airplane ride responsible.

Maintain hygiene

It might sound naive but according to experts it is the most effective way to stay healthy. Washing hands and keeping the surrounding clean in the plane while travelling can keep you at bay. Using an antibacterial gel for 20 seconds between fingers and nails, can be really helpful. Just as keeping clean hands prevents transmission of the germs, similarly a germ-removing mouthwash while travelling can also add an extra layer of protection and keep your throat moist.

Stay hydrated

As most planes fly at 30,000 and 35,000 feet, where the level of humidity is below 15%, which is essential to maintain moisture in the nasal passages. When the mucus membranes of throat and nose get dry or dehydrated, it causes the drainage system to pass out any bacteria or viruses to the stomach. Drinking plenty of water can keep the moisture level high in the mucus membranes of throat and nose and well maintained to fight the germs.

Stay away from the food-borne bacteria

In the year 2010, FDA issued warning for the food-borne illness, arising out of the ants, cockroaches, flies, derbies etc being found on the food being served during flights. As it is known that heat kills bacteria and other germs, it is necessary to assure that the food being served in the plane is served hot. Also make sure that the sandwiches and snacks are served in covered plastic.

Ask for ventilation in case of suffocation

The scarcity of ventilation can be one of the prime reasons for airplanes to be a house for germs. Studies have proven that planes with good ventilation system tend to have less cold and flu transmission rates compared to those that don't. It is also found in studies that planes that stopped for two to three hours due to engine issues or any such reasons on the runway, the passengers travelling in that plane complained of falling ill, within a day or two.

Keep Your Vitamins and Facemasks with you always


Keeping the vitamin tablets with you during air trips and consuming them normally, helps a lot in keeping yourself safe from several germs and bacteria. Also to prevent the transmitted cold, it is essential to wear the Facemasks as it not only prevents infection but also keeps others protected if you have any sort of infection. Photo Courtesy - Randy Jones Countries You Can Visit For Less Than $50.

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