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The Hottest Pools in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is known worldwide for some of the great swimming pools. The pools attract a huge number of swimming lovers across the world. Just plan your holiday trip to Las Vegas and make it a memorable one. Here are the best ones for you:
Hard Rock

The Hard Rock Hotel is another destination where one can find another landlocked beach. The hotel area also features swim-up blackjack, craps tables, 37 private cabanas, and an underwater sound system. So, one can enjoy the party while swimming. The nearby Palapa Hut offers four blackjack tables where one can enjoy a lot.

Caesars Palace

The Fortuna Pool is there to offer you swim-up blackjack along with martini and Scotch-tasting menu in the adjoining Sun Lounge. For topless sunbathing, one can move on to the Venus Pool. It can offer you to get the enjoyment on a mobile margarita and mojito cart. For getting into the Venue Pool, one has to pay extra. There are five other pools which are available at no charges.

The Venetian

For a thrilling swimming experience, one must once visit the Venetian. This is a rectangular pool where you can swim laps at a standard; relax in a shallow lounging pool. There is a seasonal outdoor club at Tao Beach, which has got its own pool and is open to the adults only. On weekends, it may charge you some extra fees.


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