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Hold Back Age With The Craziest Spa In The World

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Though apparently it might look like a cosmetic luxury and rather waste, the efforts that human being have been undertaking to look young forever is a truth and we can not deny any bit of it. Everybody wants to look like a Sophia Loren or a Michael Douglas when he/she reaches their current ages. If it does not transform into obsession, its not a sin at all! So, here we are today with some spa suggestions with a twist in the tail:

Shizuka Day Spa
shizuka-new-york-day-spa_1467709054s11.jpg Photo by: spaindex

Discovered in Korea and perfected in Japan, this style of spa has gained some popularity in North America with New York leading the way with this spa centre. The facial healing that the beauticians here use is something crazy. To get the best results, they apply UV sanitized and powdered nightingale excrement on the clients' faces. You can make faces, but they say it works! 

Doctor Fish Spa
garra-fish-spa-1_1467709055s20.jpg Photo by: turkeytour

This is another unusual spa therapy where you are asked to put your feet in the water container where you will find a herd of Garra rufa fish hovering around and over your feet. They live on the dead skin of human body and people who has experienced it can not help hiding the excitement of healed by some tiny fishes. Originated in Turkey, this art has spread to Asia, Europe and America.

Snake Spa
snake-massage-israel-2_1467709055s30.jpg Photo by: whenonearth

Now beat this one; a spa where non poisonous snakes are let loose over your body and even face to sooth the muscle tension and eliminate the stress. To some extent, it tests your courage also. Going by the words of Ada Barak, the owner of this weird place, the experience of people who felt it rejuvenating to hold a snake led to this idea.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
local-yunessun (1)_1467709055s40.jpg Photo by: hakoneho-kowakien

Located in Hakone Resort , this spa centre lets you live your ultimate fantasy of swimming in red wine- Beaujolais Nouveau, the most popular wine in Japan! Not only wine , you can choose between green tea and coffee pools to have a bath. Its time to look pretty and younger! Come back from a vacation in these places and see people asking you out on a date!

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