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Head Over Heels Train Journeys in the World

In Hindi, it is called ?Lo-Path-Gamini?, and in English, we all know it is liked to be called as ?Train? to live long in your memory. This steam locomotive looks as hard as coconut from its outer appearance but when you get to sit and relish its inner softness, it truly brings a scenic taste to your each sound and sight. Hence proves to be a finest way to travel to admire the ever-changing panorama.
, Switzerland: When traveling is an indulgence not a liability for you then book the slowest ?express?, the glacier express of Switzerland. Rejoice in each glance of bewitching natural displays that lies on the route of 180 mile ride from Zermatt to St Moritz. However, during winters, it seems an icing on the cake offering you a treaty reach to ski resort.
Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Italy
: It is a lifeline for those who are born with silver spoons. In spite of giving you a tranquil connectivity of European cities like London, Venice, Rome, etc. the Orient Express also spells your concentration with the entertaining scenes of Hollywood. Having said all this, buy tickets for a three day Europe trip to undergo the old charm gifted by this train.
Eurostar, United Kingdom
: It will be a highly innovative step from your step to fix your choice at Eurostar train service to feel accomplished with unequaled dignity. Thus appears to be a lovely alternative to fly amid London and Paris.
Palace on Wheels

The name explains its majesty and ask you to surrender yourself to the one and only Rajputana way of living ever offered by this royal transportation. Keeping its promise intact to present luxury on tracks, it starts from Delhi and settles down at imperial Royal Rajasthan. Nevertheless, please your explore to India with larger than life attractions, delectable food and sultry adventurous. 

Royal Scotsman, Scotland
: Keep yourself free for just 4 days and see how the expensiveness of Royal Scotsman challenges your lavish way of spending. Hold your heart as the most noted fact that just a 4 day fare will cost you even more than a 19-day first-class journey on the Trans-Siberian may fast your heartbeat. And high-class convenience of armchairs accommodating about 36 passengers, and exquisitely designed cabins are worth enough to send you in deep slumber.

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