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Google Most Searched For Holiday Destination in 2017

2018 is here and this is the right time to plan your “Travel Diary” for the year. Traveling is what we recommend for a happy and healthy life and there are hundreds and thousands of places across the world that help you learn, enjoy, make memories and grow. So, as you have that traveler bones in your body, where are you planning to travel next? Obviously, you will Google the name of the best vacation destinations and consider some of the most searched destinations to explore in 2018. Well, it seems Google has made it easy for you as the search engine giant has released a list of most searched holiday destinations for 2017, here it goes

Las Vegas was the most searched holiday destination, thanks to the love in the air of the city. However, the mass shooting during a music event also partially contributed to this ranking.

Impressive architecture, dynamic beaches and bars, awesome pintxos and tapas cumulatively made Barcelona top the search list of the best destinations for a perfect holiday. There is a lot to explore in Barcelona and if you are looking for amazing food and leisurely times, this is the best place for next vacations.

If white sand beaches, crystalline blue waters, luxurious resorts are your thing, Bora Bora is one place that meets all your desires. From Kim Kardashian to Usain Bolt, Bora Bora has a long list of celebrities under its frequent visitor's list. It is also a perfect honeymoon spot.

For the love of snow and skiing, Aspen is the heaven on earth. People all across the globe hit this place and ski the amazing mountain slopes during the winter. But, this nowhere means that summer isn’t a good time to hit the town, you can enjoy amazing music events at this time of the year.

Punta Cana - Punta Cana

The island was one of those who witnessed the destruction of the hurricanes in the Caribbean. However, Punta Cana is one of the first ones to revive the loss and stand up fit and set to welcome its visitors in full-grace.

Now you do not need reasons for why the Maldives is on this list. It is a little paradise on earth that has got the best elements of nature to leave you spellbound. The amazing weather when combined with the luxurious resorts of the island makes a perfect holiday combination.

Bali has developed as a complete vacation destination in a very short span of time. From best hotels to cruises, to restored monuments and mesmerizing weather, Bali has everything to make you fall in love with it.

Bermuda - Bermuda

Bermuda also made its place in the top searches of Holiday destinations in 2017. Amazing beaches, boathouses, clubs and happening nightlife is what this city is all about. Surely an amazing vacation destination.

This is indeed a perfect list of destinations to visit in 2018, you may thank Google for giving the right feed to your wanderlust!!

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