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Exotic Spa Sojourn in Malaysia

?Spa?, the moment we hear about this word, it automatically brings broad smile on our face, and make us think as if we are asked to reincarnate ourselves with loads of aesthetic pleasures. The major ingredients that form a spectacular spa experience include unwavering taste, warm courtesy, and timeless sophistication mixed with simple elegance to take you another world.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

: A peaceful getaway to the revitalizing solitude of Spa Village at this Malaysian hospitality lets you experience the breathtaking splendors of the world. It encompasses massage therapies, salon comforts inspired by age-old natural jewels, and body treatments, along with varied options to chill you senses. Therefore, features incredible luxuries which are an unforgettable escape to the wonder world.

Shangri-La Hotel Putrajaya

, Malaysia: Open from 10am to 10pm with an holistic approach, the Health Club & Spa her offers you idyllic flee in six private semi-alfresco villas. Its couple suite nurtured by tranquil Malaysian tropical milieu takes into consideration all your private needs. However, the traditional Asian healing philosophies and a personalized tradition based on your astrological sign of the hotel give you a stately spa experience.

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Malaysia

: If Spa can be redefined, this is the perfect place to observe that. Set against the limestone backdrop, its six spa pavilions provide you utmost seclusion with the facility to practice yoga or meditation. However, you can also renew yourself with four major signature massages like Asian Fusion, Urut Melayu, Foot Reflex or Synchronized Massage, in total privacy and hence feel blessed.

Cameron Highlands Resort Pahang, Malaysia

: Healing therapies, wide range of sophisticated treatments, indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, signature tea bath before every treatment, etc. are some of the distinctive features embraced by the emerald Spa Village of this hotel.

Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

: With finest blend of traditional Asian and Western treatment, the dedicated hilltop spa of this hotel is offered with dazzling private pavilions. It remarkably grabs curative powers of indigenous plants and oils to lift your senses and thus offer a farewell to the unwanted.

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