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Don't Forget These (Surprising!) International Food Etiquette Rules

So you think that keeping your elbows off the dining table and asking for something with a "Please" qualifies you as a well-mannered person. Well, you might need to follow some more dining rules when you are on an international vacation!Of course, when you are on a vacation, you do want to eat, drink and be merry. But mind, what you eat and also how you eat - what you eat! There are some international food etiquette rules which you may find surprising, but you need to follow them, nevertheless.

Never eat tacos with fork and knife - in Mexico

Yes, you better eat tacos with your hands - eating them with a fork and knife might get you labeled snooty and silly here!

Never be on time for a dinner - in Tanzania

You may be very proud of your punctuality, but in Tanzania, you might be considered rude if you show up on time when invited for dinner. And yes, apart from being late, you also need to practice how to sit on the floor with the soles of your shoes not showing - since most dinners are held on the floor and your shoe soles showing is impolite!

Never point your chopsticks at someone - in China

That is rude. In China, pointing chopsticks at someone is a big no-no. And never stick your chopsticks in rice and leave them like that - it is considered an offering for the dead.

Never put your food in your mouth with a fork - in Thailand

Use the fork to push food into the spoon when you eat a meal that consists of cooked rice. If you are having some dish that is not a part of a rice-based meal, you may have it with a fork. And you may need to use your hands for a dish which has sticky rice in it!

Never eat with your left hand - in India


Indians consider the left hand to be impure or dirty since it is linked with specific bodily functions. South Indians, in fact, don't even touch their plates with their left hand while eating. If you are a lefty, you need to start using your right hand while eating!

Don't ask for more parmesan for your pizza - in Italy

The pizza that you have been served has all the cheese it needs - asking for more is not a good idea. It will be offered to you if its needed!

Korea's food culture with respect to elders

In Korea, you should not even pick up your chopsticks unless the oldest person at the table picks up his or hers. The oldest person at the tables must eat first and then only, you should start eating.

It is rude to sip your wine in Georgia tradition

It is rude to sip your wine in Georgia tradition_1477114011u80.jpg

When attending a traditional event in Georgia like weddings, it is respectable to chug the whole glass as opposed to sipping.

Cappuccino is only taken before noon in Italy

Cappuccino is only taken before noon in Italy_1477114012u90.jpg

A person can only order cappuccino before noon in Italy, and when the latter is done it is considered a major violation of Italian Food Rule.

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