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Did you know about these hostels of India?


There are a lot of worldwide travelers who visit India for a number of days or even months for different purposes. These travelers generally look for staying at a cheaper place during their stay. The hotels are costlier but there are facilities of the hostel in India that provides the travelers with ease and convenience to stay for long at a much affordable cost.

1. Zostel Hostels


This is one of the primary hostels in India. The Zostel can be located in the Northern part of India and serves the guests and stayers with the European graded services. The stayers in the Zostel that have a chain of hostels throughout India have positive reviews and feedback about their stay and the provided services. These affordable hostels for a stay can be located in Udaipur, Pushkar, Delhi, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur, and Varanasi.

3. Vedanta Wake Up

Vedanta Wake Up


The Vedanta Wake Up chains of hostels are the most popular form of hostels those travelers intending to stay in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for a long span search. The travelers who stay in these hostels are impressed with the services and the hospitality served to them. The stayers are served with the most basic amenities for the stay where people get to know more people. These hotels have private rooms too at a very affordable cost. The hostels are mainly South Indian in their servings of food and amenities and are highly recommended by most of who stay here. The well-known locations for these hostels are in the Southern part of Karnataka.

4. Stops Hostels


This is one of the largest chains of hostels in India with hostels in states like Calcutta, Varanasi, Delhi, and Jaipur. The stay here is pleasant and very affordable. The hostels can hold a large number of visitors together. The responses online for this chain are very high for the stay and the demand of the rooms in the hostels is always at the prime form.

5. Moustache Hostel


This is a single hostel and is very popular throughout Delhi and Jaipur. The location of the hostel is in the prime region and is very easy to spot by travelers. The hostel provides a warm and pleasant ambiance with only authorized and good-natured people to have staying permissions. This is a boutique hostel that is perfect for the stayers at a very affordable cost. The interior decoration of this hostel is charming and provides the stayers with a pleasant stay

6. Youth Hostel Association of India YHAI

Youth Hostel Association of India YHAI


The locations for travel throughout India are immense and this hostel serves almost any traveler in any part of India. The hostel is widespread and is almost present in every single state and well-known cities throughout India. The hostels are mostly in demand by all tourists who had stayed here earlier as this is one of the most demanded places for collaboration. The standards of this hostel are very basic and do not meet the Global standards. The rules of these hostels are very basic and according to the culture that prohibits smoking and drinking of alcohol within the bounds of the hostel and its premises.

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7. Jugaad Hostels


This is the basic hostel with not well-decorated interiors. So travelers expecting something more than a simple stay cannot avail that. However, the hostels provide every stayer with a pleasant stay and refresh them with the graffiti and colored walls, though un-plastered.  Compared to the price of the stay in this hostel, the stayers can compromise with the facts that they do not get. There is a common terrace in this hostel that can be used by all the travelers which have comfortable chairs where they can sit and pass their leisure time. The option of a shared kitchen is also available that is completely equipped with the needed amenities for cooking which acts as one of the best self-catering needs.

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