A Delightful Date in the Theme Parks of USA: Discover the Unexplored Fantasy Land 

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A Delightful Date in the Theme Parks of USA:  Discover the Unexplored Fantasy Land

Today we would let you experience some endless family fun at USA's abandoned theme parks which were also some of the most cherished theme parks. These abandoned theme parks of USA come with a mind-boggling mix of thrill and entertainment especially with their family rides, themed hotels, water park attractions. These theme parks though now abandoned once had that strange appeal which immersed the visitors in an unknown world of fantasies and an altogether alternate universe. These Theme parks never forget to tell the tale of their bygone past.

The Prehistoric Forest, Irish Hills, Michigan

The very first sight of this theme park recalls one of the movie Jurassic Park but with the exception of the beholding sight of Mammoth Dinos munching off the tourist vehicles. This theme park had its inception in the year 1963 with a smoking volcano, waterfall, a water slide and hundreds of fiber glass Dinos found here and there across the eight acre theme park land. This marvelous theme park was abandoned in the year 1999 resorting to complete disuse. But with the passing time this park reverted back into a look blending with the forest arena. Traveling to these theme parks is like a life time experience! Presently this theme park stands with a big bill board for sale, so better sojourn some solace laden moments here before it goes under the hammer!

The foundation stone of the Rocky point amusement park was laid in the year 1847. The Rocky Point was said to the most appealing thing on Rhode island. This Amusement Park had everything what a family can want thereby to spend the boring summer vacations. A Ferris-Wheel, Beautiful Water fountains, classy dinning halls with vast gardens perfect trailing plinth. Amazing number of rides in the true forest ambiance. But Alas! The era of the Rocky point came to an end in the 1990's due to financial crunch on the part of the investors. Thereafter, some of the rides were sold off to other theme parks but the remnants still allure visitors from far and wide!

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Lincoln Park, Dartmouth, Massachusetts

This park is one of the many which really happens to be a feast for the eyes . The park was established to enhance the tourism on the aforesaid rail line in the year 1894. The Park expanded over time but its popularity quotient increased from the year 1946. When it was built in the 1940's it was one of the best roller coaster rides to be found in the whole of USA. But unfortunately , due to some dare devil acts by some passengers which led to the death of two people, this amusement park saw its curtain veil down. These incidents were hard to be forgotten but still the well fitting and reconstruction of the roller coaster cars was done. But to add miseries to the wound the last coaster car also got detached, finally giving a screeching halt to this beautiful park. That was in fact the last straw in the hat ! The Lincoln Park bid adieu to its visitors. Whatever may be the case, A stroll in any of these amusement parks is enough for that 100 watt smile to resurface on the face of any. A true fiesta for those searching for that perfect solace and amusement. So, pack your bags and slide away in the land of these forlorn amusement parks to get that adventure bang!

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