Date With Some Amazing Atolls Especially For The Adventure Buffs

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Date With Some Amazing Atolls Especially For The Adventure Buffs


Atolls are said to be the most amazing creativity of nature. It seems like mother earth herself descended, picking up the brush carving her master stroke in the form of Atolls. The beautiful coral islands are so much explicit in their beauty that we do not have words to define them. Scientifically speaking Atolls are the most complicated charming natural creativity of Mother Earth. Built diligently over thousands of years of hard work by Mother Nature they have also shrouded beneath themselves a lens shaped amazing underwater fish-tended coral factory.

An atoll is basically an island of corals encircling a lagoon. So let us get a sneak peek of some of these majestic creations of nature. These Atolls are famed to be ideal swimming, snorkelling and scuba-diving destinations. Aldabra Atoll Seychelles: The Aldabra Atoll is the World's largest Atoll comprising 13 islands and described by many as one of the wonders of the world. One of the major reasons for it being considered a wonder is its area of location which stands aloof from the rest of the world. It is a part of the secluded Seychelles group of islands in the Indian Ocean.

This is also a UNESCO world heritage site shaped as that of a mushroom. This island atoll is home to the rare found Tiger sharks and the Manta rays. Aldabra is the home to 200,000 giant land tortoises. The tortoises here are five times as large as the ones in Galapagos Islands. Hard for mortal imagination but it is true!Aitutaki Atoll, Cook islands:Aitutaki Atoll is a part of the Cook islands, a group perched in the east central part of the Pacific rim.

The Aitutaki Atoll encompasses a number of volcanic and coral islands surrounding a lagoon forming a triangle. This Atoll boasts of emerald blue waters, desolate islands and beautifully lined palm fringes on the beach. The Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands is said to have the most adorable scenic landscapes in the World. Adventure fanatics love to be here for that immense scope of scuba diving and snorkeling facilities in the fringing reefs.Bikini Atoll, Marshall islands:The Bikini Atoll is said to have been hidden from mankind till date.

 It was only in 1996 that the people of this island opened themselves to the outer world. This Atoll invites massive tourism for its glorious beauty, fishing, diving in the crystal waters and above all sunbathing. Rated as one of the top diving destinations in the world this atoll island invites kudos of appreciation for its pristine and blue beauty.

 Bikini Island is basically known for being the subject of nuclear bomb tests and one would also be astonished to know that our bikini swimsuit was named after the island.Orona Atoll, Kiribati:The Orona Atoll is a narrow ribbon of land surrounded by a splendid blue lagoon with depths of 15-20 meters. It seems as if blue Topaz has been ingrained around the periphery making the island. Numerous inlets connect the lagoon to the surrounding ocean and only a few of these inlets are permitted with a small boat to get in. True, these atolls are the crystal glory of Mother Nature’s bejewelled crown.

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