Champions League Final: How to get to Madrid on a budget

Champions League Final: How to get to Madrid on a budget

  All eyes are set on the televisions glued to the Champions League or trying to book the tickets to Madrid to watch the most awaited finale. After two frantic ties, the Liverpool and the Tottenham has managed to form its place in the champions league finals which would take place on the 1st of June, Madrid. However getting to Madrid on budget seems near to impossible when the flight tickets are increasing every second. The flight tickets from UK has already reached more than expected and is still on rise. Hotel fares are no less however, that should not be the reason for you to not be able to witness this extravaganza live. So here we are to help you out to go and watch the watch, cheer up up the teams and visit Madrid on budget.

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Here is a list for you - Champions League Final: How to get to Madrid on a budget

1. Where to book hotels?

Where to book hotels?


If you check the websites of most of the hotels near the location of the match, it is either full or the prices have reached sky high which looks nearly impossible if you considering the trip to Madrid on budget. And definitely it is not even practical to spend so much on the stay. If you don’t mind getting on feet for a bit and walking few extra meters then you can consider to look for some affordable options in the nearby towns and cities like Avila, Cercedilla and Segovia. These places are also great for tourists to have a good time after the match.

2. Flights



If you are looking to travel from UK on either 31st March or 1st June, the flights are either damn too expensive or sold out. However to be able to save a lot of your valuable bucks you should consider looking for flights from Manchester either for wednesday or thursday and stay back 3-4 days post the match to enjoy a good vacay in the city and then fly back on 4-5th of the June. Rather than spending on the flight tickets you can holiday and stay back to enjoy a good time in the city.

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3. How to travel

How to travel


Rather than considering to travel through a direct flight, you can look for break journey from any other Spanish airport. You can choose to travel to Barcelona from Gatwick and while returning stay for a night in Lisbon. You can also lookout for the local trains that offer a cheap travel options to various cities and save few bucks too. Be a smart saver, lookout for various options and be ready to get on feet whenever and wherever you can save few pennies in order to enjoy the experience to Madrid on budget for the fullest.

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