Cano Cristales River In Colombia An Eco Tourism Initiative

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Cano Cristales River In Colombia An Eco Tourism Initiative


We have often seen a beautiful rainbow heralding our horizon and it really feels as if we can fly with wings and be a part of those beautiful daffodils spreading against the blue yonder. Well, that was all about the sky. How if we take you somewhere with the same arena in the earth itself? Cano Cristales River in Colombia is one such river which is an amalgamation of all those colours blended into one.

The journey for tourists was not that easy until three years ago when this famed river Cano Cristales reopened for travellers around the world. The Cano Cristales is one of the most beautiful naturally occuring gift from mother earth. Not just natural phenomenon this river boasts of having the major volume of fresh water in the world.The Colombians pride for Cano Cristales as this river is the rarest of rare phenomenon on earth. Located in the southern department of Meta the bed and rocks of this river is said to be covered with plentiful of coloured algae and mosses unique to the climate of this place.

Cano Cristales is a traveller's delight as much of the year the enticing water surface of the river is fully covered with pale green and rusty coloured water plants. The Cano Cristales River has been hailed as a natural wonder especially for its extraordinary blend of colours which reflects via the sunlight. Therefore, this place is one of the hot spots for tourists.During the rainy season the mosses and the algae are in full bloom. There is also a hairline bridge between the dry and rainy seasons where the water level seems just apt and right for the rainbow of colors to get displayed.

Apart from being a picturesque wonder the Cano Cristales is also famed for having natural therapeutic solutions. The water of this river flows on a bed of richly arrayed plants and mosses which as per researchers is very good for health. The Cano Cristales River is at a distance of about two hours by foot from the nearest town of La Macarena. The best part is it is open for the visitors until the month of November. As per newly framed rules and regulations visits to the river are made up of group of 20 people taken throughout the day by four guides.

The visit tours is basically aligned into four clearly marked and authorised paths and no one is said to be allowed for an overnight halt as it was spoiling the arena and ambiance of the River area. The Cano Cristales is also said to be a vital eco tourism hotspot. Therefore, the locals residing in and around the river area are also being trained to guide the tourists and for the upkeep of the environment thereby boosting eco tourism as a whole. The Cano Cristales River is an enthralling spectacle. This place has attracted a lot of adventurous travel agencies and tour operators from all round the world. These tour operators have begun a type of eco tourism initiative flying tourists from the town La Macarena. Truly, this place feels heaven.

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