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4 Best Underwater Destinations at a Glance : Deep down the Blue Infinity

To view the underwater world is like having a fabulous dream come true. It is really like personifying beauty once and for ever. A land where one finds purity, solace and clarity. So why not give it a shot and dive deep down in the blue infinite world of divinity.
Human imagination is sure to get astounded to know that the Great Barrier Reef is the World's largest coral reef system. This Great barrier reef system has more than 2,900 reefs supported with 900 islands. The great barrier reef had been conferred with the crown of being a world heritage site. This is also said to be one of nature's wonder bewildering the world. The mesmerizing islands, splendid coral cays which cover more than 300,000square kilometres are par excellence in imagination especially for their water phenomenon. Abundant wildlife, 1500 genres of fish, more than 4000 types of molluscs adorn the underwater gallery of the Great Barrier Reef.
Tubbataha Reef Marine Park

The Tubbataha Reef marine park is located in the Sulu sea, Palawan in the Philippines. This is a marine sanctuary which is made up two atolls. The reef lies on an extinct underwater volcano with an amalgamation of amazing coral reefs, several spectacular coral islands, and beautiful coral reefs. This is a haven for divers. The under water view is truly enthralling.
Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos islands is said to be one of the most sought after underwater wonders of the world. These islands are said to be the the best scuba diving destinations in the world. The diving hotspots in Galapagos are Wolf islands and Darwin islands which are considered to be corroded volcanoes and situated in a volcanic ridge. Apart from diving options this island is a paradise for tourists especially for those who thrill to be with marine species.
Aldabra Atoll Island

The Aldabra Atoll island is said to be the largest coral atoll which is in on a raised position as compared to the other atolls on earth. This island comprises of four coral islands engulfing a shallow lagoon. The Aldabra atoll is located in the Indian ocean and is a part of the Seychelles group of islands. This island is very much guarded from excessive tourist influence. Aldabra island boasts of having some of the giant tortoises thriving in this world. Hard to believe but these tortoises weigh more than half a ton. Therefore, if one really has that gushing adrenalin banging on the nerves, then pack your bags and straightway head towards any of these underwater sojourns.

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