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Best River Cruises Around the World

River cruise is yet another variety of cruise which gives even more intimate experience and is most preferred by travelers. For these cruises, the boats are a lot small as compared to behemoths which are the ideal for traveling over the sea. Let’s take a look at some of the ideal river cruises across the world

Mississippi River Cruise
Mississippi River Cruise_1437053040e11.jpg

World’s fourth longest river, Mississippi flows through the center of the US and some of the most stunning scenery of the country. Several cruises are made to look alike the old-school paddled steamboats. In these boats, you can enjoy the great leisurely pace. You can float through quaint cities and towns like Louisville and St. Louis.  The cruise here may range from a couple of hours to around 3 weeks.

Kerala Backwaters Cruise
Kerala Backwaters Cruise_1437116496u20.jpg

Want to experience the charm of Gods’ Own Country? It lies in the backwater of Kerala where you can book a cruise. The cruise will take you through the misty lakes and canals and you can explore the sleepy lifestyle of the locals. You can choose from several types of houseboats (Kettuvallam). They are actually thatched-roofed, motorized boats operated by veteran oarsmen.

Seine River Cruise - France
Seine River Cruise_1437116496u30.jpg

If you love art or going for honeymoon in France, you may definitely want to book a river cruise on Seine River where you can get a lot of opportunities for sightseeing. Some of the common stops in the cruise are the home of Claude Monet, Giverny and Rouen (The City of 100 Spires).

Mekong River Cruise
Mekong River Cruise_1437116497u40.jpg

Cuts through Burma, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, the Mekong River is really a great travelers’ paradise because it is very scenic and one can capture the panoramic views of floating villages and modern cities. According to the itinerary you choose, the cruise might cover visits to some of the stunning locations like vivid marketplaces in South Vietnam and the pre-historic Angkor Wat temple. With this cruise, you can explore the Asia at its best.

Yangtze River Cruise
Yangtze River Cruise_1437116498u50.jpg

Being the third largest in the globe, the Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia. It flows through some of the most popular and stunning sites of China like Xiling, Wu and Qutang Gorges. You might sail through the most exotic landscapes of the country and take the excursions to several amazing tourist attractions. The river also houses some of the endangered species of the country, such as river dolphin and Chinese Alligator. The cruise in this river is basically lengthy and it lasts around 4 to 13 days.

Amazon River Cruise
Amazon River Cruise_1437116498u60.JPG

The natural and untamed Amazon River has long been the major center of attraction for the explorers who love to unveil the hidden secrets in the dark jungles. These days, almost all types of visitors enter the glorious Amazon Basin. Some of the luxurious boats have large windows on cabins for the tourists. The accommodations may range from the normal to deluxe. You can also get through Peruvian Amazon on smaller cruise ships.

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