Best places to visit in Croatia

Best places to visit in Croatia

Planning a trip in the Europe continent can be one of the most thrilling and exciting things to happen because this has been one of the most beautiful continents and it’s every traveler's dream to take a tour of these dreamy destinations in Europe. One such place which would certainly be on everyone’s traveling list is Croatia. This is a land of groovy music, mesmeric islands, and sports. Of course, when one thinks of Football, Croatia is one country which would definitely strike one’s mind. Croatia is also known for its offbeat places and some of the best architectural marvels. If you are planning to pack your bags to Croatia below is the list of must visit places in Croatia that you must certainly pay a visit to. Must read related stories: Best Places to See in Croatia Places to visit in Croatia: Croatian museum of naive art

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Here is a list for you - Best places to visit in Croatia

1. Hvar Island

Classic and appealing monuments belonging to the Venetian-era monuments Hvar Island kindles every bit of traveler in you. This is one of those magical tourist attractions in Croatia which everyone must once at least think of visiting. The picturesque purple lavender fields are one of these scenic views which can behold the sight of every tourist. This is regarded as one of the loveliest islands in Croatia because of the beautiful harbor. Walking by the shores of the quaint pebbly beaches and the beautiful seascape can be one of the pleasant experiences to remember.


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2. Diocletian’s Palace

When you are in Croatia, the Diocletian’s Palace is one of the mandate Places to visit in Croatia. This is one of those places which occupy almost half of Split Old Town and it is known for its cultural charm. The colorful complex made of marble and white limestone can take you into another world altogether. If you are a sucker of history and culture visiting this place would make a lot of sense because Diocletian’s Palace is known to be the magnificent preserved Roman Ruins.


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3. Zlatni Rat beach

It would be a sin to come back to your homes without visiting the lovely Zlatni Rat beach of Brac. This is one of the marvels of Croatia because the tide and the current of the water decide the shape of the beach here meaning, the beach is a shapeshifter. Don’t you think this definitely calls for a visit to this beach? Walking on the white pebbles looking around the neatly lined Pine trees and feeling the cold breeze from the land can be one of the most satisfying experiences. The bright blue water of this beach is not only known to give a soothing experience but it can turn to be one of the best adventurous Tourist attractions in Croatia as well. This beach offers a wide variety of adventurous sports to the tourists and the most prominent ones being the Kite surfing and Surfing experiences too. 

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4. Mali Lošinj

Do you have plans of getting transported to the old city vibes of Croatia? Then, Mali Lošinj is one of the Must visit places in Croatia if you want to relieve yourselves from the mundane and boring city lifestyle. The bright and the vibrant colored houses can leave a calming effect on the mind and soul the very moment you land in this beautiful and the largest town in the Adriatic. Feeling the pollutant-free sea air while enjoying the lovely Mediterranean architecture should definitely be an enticing experience while you are here.

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5. Trogir – The historic city

If you have ever wanted to touch and feel the Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture then you must certainly not think twice when you hear the name of Trogir. Located on a small island, this places place offers a cultural tour of Croatia and the medieval period with its amazing architecture. This place is one of the treasured gems of Croatia and when you are here do not forget to visit the local restaurants that offer some of the best and authentic delicacies of Croatia. Well, you must certainly be a fighter to find some place to sit and munch on the yummy Pizzerias and the delicious seafood because the restaurants are located in some of the narrowest cobblestone streets.


The list of places in Croatia are many but, here we have gone ahead and listed some of the Must visit places in Croatia as these places can give you a truly amazing experience as you take a tour around one of the most beautiful countries. Happy Traveling!

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