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Angel Falls, The Majestic Cascading Milky Way In Venezuela

Angel Falls, The Majestic Cascading Milky Way In Venezuela

Angel falls in the Canaima National park in Venezuela is something to behold at. Cascading from such unfathomable heights the Angel falls is a real beauty for spectators. One seems scrabbling against the rocks to come out in the open to get a crystal look of the falls towards the foot of the mountain. There one stands astounded beaming with joy giving a beholding glance at the world's tallest water fall surmounting from Gothic heights.

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Wading through the lush canopy of the Amazonia, the bosky sunshine finds it hard to penetrate in! Still the spiky bushes converse with us to trudge forward. But why it is infect the hypnotic effect of the cascading white veils of the Angel falls. From a distance afar, one not only visualizes the milky ocean flowing unquestionably but can also feel the water spurts. As one closes near, you get to see this majestic Angel falls spewing unfathomably out of the devil's canyon. Describing avidly Angel falls egresses from the canyon sitting atop the Auyan Mountain, plunges 100 feet and then again disappears into a cave.

It emanates again below about 150 feet or more taking the steep dive. Explained in layman's terminology it is an enchanting experience! Once close to the arena you can feel those cold vibes of the gusting winds and swirl of water splashes tumbling against the rocks and the cave. Angel Falls is Venezuela's most heralded tourist destination located in the western part of Canaima National Park. The fall is 979 meters high approximately 3000 ft. isn’t it stupefying? The Angel Falls was discovered by the American aviator Jimmie Angel in 1937 A.D. But according to folklore of the inhabitants of the place Angel falls is actually known as Churun Meru.

The water falls freely cascading against the rocks dancing merrily to the tunes of the rattling winds reaching the bottom of the valley. This milky spray gathers into a small firth which eventually finds its way into the Churun River below. This is a sojourn for tourists seeking solace from the hush bush of city life. Angel falls also magnetizes visitors especially jumpers around the globe.

 It is said in the medium or high water area this place is extremely dangerous without guidance. Angel falls is only safe for base jumping and that too at low waters and it escalates the adrenalin level too. Therefore, this is one of the cherished destinations for jumpers from all around the world.It is a thrill having a close encounter with this waterfall, craning the neck 360 degree upwards, viewing millions of dancing white fairies swooshing around as one gazes high above from the lookout. An experience of an angel’s wing caressing the face making one feels of a heavenly abode.

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