An Inspirational Story of a Disabled Traveler – Not to be Taken for Granted

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An Inspirational Story of a Disabled Traveler – Not to be Taken for Granted

Someone has truly said that it is we who write our destiny. At the same time, we are responsible for rewriting our destiny. Parvinder Chopra, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the young age of fifteen, has proved the world wrong!

1. Parvinder Chopra – A Role Model for All

Parvinder Chopra – A Role Model for All

As a young girl, she was a good sportsperson. Also, she was a genuinely certified Kathak dancer. But a fate in her life bogged her down on the wheelchair. Even after such hardships her dreams still stay alive. Today at the age of forty-six this free spirited lady uses to travel all across the world by sitting in her wheelchair

Parvinder has taught others the value in association with staying positive. As an Internet-savvy, she has remained successful in making numerous good friends from all across the world due to her friendly nature. Her friends along with her family have always remained supportive of her. They encouraged her to get her front tooth fixed rather than letting it stay protruded.

2. No Stone is Left Unturned

No Stone is Left Unturned

No stone was left unturned! Her father, who was a restaurant owner in Mumbai encouraged her to travel to London and meet her friends. As soon as she reached among them, they took her around thus proving to be highly supportive. Since then, Parvinder as a solo sojourner has successfully traveled all across eleven countries including:

  • The United States of America
  • Bali
  • Jakarta and much more.

Initially, she had a manual wheelchair that made her dependent on others for the purpose of traveling. But at present, she holds an automated wheelchair that makes her travel smoothly. Prior traveling in airlines, she uses to read carefully instructions prior booking tickets. A few airlines refuse to take the wheelchair without paying for it.

3. Some Thrilling Experiences

Some Thrilling Experiences

In an interview, Parvinder clearly stated that it is her nature rather than the destination that drives her. After reaching Vaishno Devi in Kashmir, the climb to the top proved to be a highly thrilling experience in her life. She was confident enough to travel and come back with her friends even in the midst of adversity.

The trip to Kedarnath was another memorable experience for her. Four people were hired for her to make her carry all the way up. When she reached the entry point in the queue, the pandit requested everybody to make her way for darshan. She has really fetched inspiration and love from all over the world that has made her stand still.

4. Serious Effort – Made by Indian Government

Serious Effort – Made by Indian Government

The Indian Government is making serious efforts to make accessibility easier for people who are physically challenged at tourist places. But still, Parvinder did not give up and at present serving as a role model for all. She has proved that when there is a will, there is a way. She enjoys each and every moment of her life with gusto.

She feels blessed to meet supportive people who have contributed a lot in helping her to enrich her travel experiences. It is we who are responsible for making our lives full of positive energy.

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