An Amazing Floating Palace In IndiaThat Is A Must Visit.

An Amazing Floating Palace In IndiaThat Is A Must Visit.

Jal Mahal as the name suggests is nothing but simply a Water Palace that is located in the middle of Maan Sagar Lake in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan State. It is among the most popular attractions and hence the tourist destinations of Jaipur city. It has been built using red sandstone; and comprises of five storied building in itself, wherein, four floors remain underwater especially when the lake being full. The architecture is quite similar to that of the typical Rajput and Mughal styles and dates back to AD 1770.

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Here is a list for you - An Amazing Floating Palace In IndiaThat Is A Must Visit.

1. Facts about Jal Mahal

Below are few of the amazing things about things about Jal Mahal that makes this historical palace an amazing tourist destination to have a visit

  • One that has a keen interest in the Indian history will get an amazing experience to explore the era of the Rajput rulers. Walking through the alluring and colourful Chameli Bagh at the palace is a mesmerizing thing to do at Jal Mahal.
  • It is altogether a complete paradise for bird watchers. One will be able to watch colourful avifauna species including Coot, Pochards, Kestrel and Flamingo.
  • At the backdrop, the beautiful Nahargarh hills add to a breathtaking beauty of the Jal Mahal.
  • It not just the Jal Mahal beautiful looks, but the way to reach is also an amazing thing to experience. One will need to reach the Mahal through a boat ride, wherein, the boats are handcrafted and beautifully decorated wooden boats.
  • It has been built with the stone having the strongest walls that do not allow the water to seep inside. Some of the strongest limestones have been used to reinforce the walls. 

2. History


This amazing Jal Mahal was constructed in the year 1750 by legendary Maharaja Madho Singh. He never had an intention to build the Mahal to be used as a palace and just wished to have it as a lodge for him and a place where we can organize his duck hunting parties. After its completion, in the 18th century, Madho Singh’s son- Madho Singh II enhanced the beauty of the palace by adding courtyard grounds along with a lot many modifications in the exterior.

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3. Architecture


Jal Mahal has been built featuring a unique blend of traditional Rajput and Mughal architectural style. It has been built keeping in mind the serene and calm environment, wherein the halls and chambers are being built as well as designed with the light sand-coloured stone walls. The colours that are being used are in stark contrast along with the deep blue of the waters of the lake. All these architectural concepts offer a unique and distinct look to the Jal Mahal.

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