Almora Travelogues and travel stories

Almora Travelogues and travel stories

in this time of tactic schedules, a highly formated life and cities blanketed by pollution one tend to run away from all this at least for some time the mind and heart start seeking it change from the deadlines, time zones, continuous commuting and you desperately start wishing to escape for someplace that offers solace and natural beauty. when I started thinking of giving myself a break and deciding about the destination Almora was the first and the last name came to my mind.almora the beautiful town was founded in 1568 by king Kalyan chand. it is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Almora is a municipal board and a cantonment town in the state of Uttarakhand, India. it is the administrative headquarters of the Almora district.  Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayan range. cradled within higher peaks of the Himalaya, Almora enjoys a year-round mild temperate climate. the town is visited by thousands of tourists annually from all over the world. Almora has beautifully been able to maintain its sanctity all over these years. Almora is unique in the sense that despite a large number of tourists visit every year it maintains its pure and untouchable atmosphere. the eastern portion of the ridge is known as talifat and the western one is known as selifat the Almora market is situated at the top of the ridge, where these two, talifat and selifat jointly terminate.

while searching about it I had a feeling as if the city which is a gateway many mountaineering expeditions is welcoming us. the overshadowing mountain ranges, the cultural history, the feeling of being apart of nature all feelings are there in the tourist's heart but the best thing is the competent naturalness without any artificiality which made us feel belonged the moment we started our journey in a cab.

though we could have reached Almora city Vaya airways or by road but we prefer to reach by train and then cover the rest of the kilometers by cab. this gave us a unique opportunity of passing through away rich with scenic beauty. on reaching the city firstly and foremost we decided to book in a local tourist resort set on a hilltop and with a clear view of the kumayun ranges. this is a natural thermal spring that has healing properties and it is experienced both comforting and mystical. it will be not wrong to mention the Himalayan peak set in the background of the binsar Mahadev temple which becomes golden at the time of sunset and sunrise. after visiting these places we decided to have a meal at the kasar rainbow restaurant some distance away from the temple. the vegetarian dishes served were very extraordinary because of the use of specific spices. after resting for some time we moved on to the bright end corner as a very famous place in Almora. it is a popular destination for the tourists as it offers a rare combination of scenic beauty and urban activity like camping there are many services provided by the administration for the adventurous tourists who want to spend their time outside the four walls of hotels and dharamshalas. groups of families hire comfortable tents with day to day facilities and pitchout for a thrilling experience of this beautiful place. this place is always kept in my mind.

Almora has an atmosphere of the mystery of thousands of year old culture coupled with the continuous warmth of the human community around you feels you with being and essential parts of the universal cosmos. at night we had reached the camping site of bright end corner and the greatly excited to experience a night under the shines of stars. they were any other groups on the site hence there was no question of loneliness. armed with a delicious packed dinner and warmers we were actually in sync with mother nature. in the very next morning, we started for the binsar wildlife sanctuary. this beautiful sanctuary is a small protected area, set deep in the Himalayan foothills, enclosing only 47 sq km. however, because the sanctuary lies over heavily forested hill terrain within it. the forest cover is mostly oak three varieties and rhododendron at higher altitudes and chir pine at the lower levels. in all, 25 types of trees, 24 kinds of bushes, and seven varieties of grasses have been documented in the sanctuary. binsar was home to 16 leopards, 69 ghoral, 43 Kakar, 57 wild boar, 150 monkeys, and possibly two Himalayan black bears.our group enjoy that beautiful sanctuary as we all are in open forests and these creatures are our best friends for life.

by this time the whole group was looking for an opportunity to have a hot drink and filling meals. many small and beautiful roadside food stalls fulfilled our desire sufficiently. in all our experiences one common element was the friendly and welcoming of the attitude of the local people. you never fault that you do not belong there. the people, mother nature, the magnificent mountains, the flowing rivers all open their arms to the traveler. as if inviting him to visit again n again. very soon it was time to start packing for the return journey. but this time we were accompanied by the beautiful memories of the Badrinath which were not only invaluable but also timeless.


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