All About Romanian Cuisine

All About Romanian Cuisine

  When it comes to food Romania is no less than any other travel destination. Romanian cuisine is the reflection of its rich culture, country’s agrarian food and twisted history. And thus you can find wide variety of taste, mixed ingredients and freshly prepared spices from the neighbouring cities that adds up to the delicious taste. Romanian cuisine can be one big reason to start planning a trip to this majestic location. Let us dive into knowing the mouth watering food that Romania has to offer:  

Here is a list for you - All About Romanian Cuisine

1. Lets Start With Soup

Lets Start With Soup


Romanian feast generally begins with a soup, a tasty sour soup called ciorba. One of the most widely eaten dish in Romania, Ciorba get its sourness from lemon, vinegar and garlic. The soup can sometimes have minced meat or chicken and is served with variety of dishes. Definitely a must try when you decide to splurge in a good Romanian meal.

2. Comfort food

Comfort food


Viewed as one of the most loved and perhaps the favourite food of Romania, Sarmale. These are the cabbage rolls stuffed with pork, rice and some spices. Sarmale is the treated as the national food of Romania. Other loved food is Mamaliga, which is a corn meal served with a lot of fresh vegetables. These dishes hold an important place in Romanian cuisine.

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3. Sweets And Street Food

Sweets And Street Food


How can we do without sweets? Be it cakes and pastries which is one of the most sought after dessert in Cluj to crepes filled with chocolates and fresh fruits you can find enough to fulfill all your sweet cravings. Gogosi is similar to doughnuts and is served with sugar syrup and stuffed fruits. And it it comes to street food, there are so many options available. Mici, one of the most loved Romanian Cuisine which is filled with minced pork or beef. Basically it is the Romanian version of Shawarma.

4. Love for Wine

Love for Wine


Romania is the Europe’s biggest producer of wine. Most people love to visit this place to try on their exotic collection of wine. No matter where ever you go be it a small eatery or a high end restaurant you can get your hands on some delicious wine always. And what is the better way to enjoy the best Romanian cuisine with some great wine?

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