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Air India Introduces On The Spot Payment Service To Upgrade Passengers

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Pay to Update in Air India

In order to attract passengers and cope up with the increasing competition in airline industry, Air India has introduced amazing scheme for its passengers to provide them with best service. Through this scheme, Air India has decided to upgrade its passenger based on spot cash payment at airports. This ‘Get Up Front’ scheme is applicable for both international and domestic sectors

With the help of this scheme, upgrade at airport is possible based on seats availability and on First Come First Served Basis. In order to cascade the information of this scheme to passengers, several text cards are provided at airport. 

The main intention of introduction of this scheme is to face tough competition from private airlines and various measures are takes further to attract passengers to it. It has introduced several new aircrafts, grounding of old fleets, On Time Performance, and other high-level services are monitored daily to upgrade Air India as the best airlines in India for both domestic and international routes

In order to keep a watch on the performance and implementation of scheme, Integrated Operation Control Centre conducts reviews performance in conference daily. 

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