You Think An Eco-Friendly Hotel Cannot Be Luxurious? These 7 Magnificent Resorts Will Prove You Wrong

India is full of pilgrimage and soulful paradises where a traveler can find the peace of mind and connect with oneself.  But when it comes to accommodation, most of us believe that eco-friendly hotels are not luxurious. If you think so, these splendid resorts will prove that belief wrong. 

Jims Jungle Resort

It is a resort where you can find the ideal mixture of nature and luxury. With friendly staff, this resort gives its patrons truly a wonderful experience. This resort is highly recommended by the tourists because the staff gives warm welcome to every visitor. If you want to experience hospitality of Indians at its best, make sure to plan your stay over there. 

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Stretched around 30 acres, it is the group of 10 cottages; each of them is beautifully designed and unique. Located in Pondicherry, it is an eco-friendly destination based on wastewater management and solar energy. All the cottages have high-end bathrooms. Some of the best attractions here are Syrian Christian cottage that is made of wood, Nawabi House crafted with Zari work, and a mud house.

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Wild Mahseer - Assam

You may not get the better place to pamper yourself and for relaxation than Wild Mahseer in Assam. Here you can get the panoramic views. The heritage bungalow is the major center of attraction which has leftovers from prehistoric era. 



The Sarai - Panna

This rustic property has cottages made of mud with thatched roofs. But you can still enjoy the aura of luxury in these huts. These small Indo-Western designed cottages have luxury in most unusual ways. The patrons here can enjoy the exotic view of the sunsets over the plateau.

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Brunton Boatyard - Kochi

It is well-maintained resort in Kochi. You can have comfortable and luxurious stay here. It has harbor-facing rooms which are really excellent. Having a cup of morning tea or coffee while exploring the captivating view of the harbor is very exciting experience.

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The Machan - Lonavala

It is actually a tree house which is beautifully designed and spacious from inside. The sundecks here provide alluring views. The visitors here gaze at the stars and the moon and spend quality time with their loved ones. It has beautiful dining space with a fireplace. You can have a trip of the property with cycles. It is definitely among the best eco-friendly yet luxurious resorts in India. Here in Machan, you can experience the tranquility of nature with opulence of luxury amenities. It is the perfect getaway from the maddening crowd of city. 

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