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6 Glassy Crystalline Places and Sites In The World

Have you ever wondered about glass and crystal palaces in the fairytales? To your surprise, these places exist in our own real world that is no less majestic. These shiny, sparkly naturally formed structures can be found in different parts of the world and here is the list of the best glassy and crystalline places.

Reckoned as the largest salt desert in the world, Salar De Uyuni in southwest Bolivia is also the largest natural mirror. During the monsoon season, this otherwise white desert becomes like a mirror that reflects the sky after the rainwater accumulates here. Needless to say it is a gorgeous site.

Cave of Crystals, Naica, Mexico

The pellucid selenite crystal formations in Naica, Mexico are one of the most amazing places that one can be at (although one can only stand to stay inside for ten minutes!). There are beams of crystals protruding from the floor that gives the place an enthralling feel.

Pamukkale, Turkey

In Pamukkale, Turkey, one has the opportunity to bathe in the infinity pools that are adorned with limestone formations. In the broad day light, these limestone slabs glisten and resembles marble and ice.

Mirror Lakes

These uncommon lakes are a must see for every traveler. These clean water bodies offer perfect reflection of its surroundings. Lakes like these can be found in California, Tuftonboro in New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Wallowa, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Florida, New Zealand and Argentina.

Gloss Hills, Oklahoma, United States

Gloss Hills, Oklahoma, United States_1477564512u50.jpg Photo by: United States_1477287931u50.jpg

The north-western Oklahoma is the home to many glistening mountains. Known better as Gloss Hills, these lofty mountains are created by the accumulation of mesas and buttes with the top layer of gypsum. When the sunlight hit these mountains, there is nothing that compares to its beauty! One can find similar hills in California, Oregon and Utah.

Five Flower Lake, Sinchua, China


The multi-colored effect in the Five Flower Lake in Juzhaigou Valley in China is what grabs the attention of avid travelers from all over the world. The multi-hue effect in the water is the result of calcium carbonate content and hydrophytes. Also, the colorful plants and flowers add to the vivid color of the lake.

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