5 Reasons that Will Make You Add Seychelles to Your Bucketlist

5 Reasons that Will Make You Add Seychelles to Your Bucketlist

Diving into the crystalline waters, tasting the Creole culture and relaxing on serene beaches is like a heavenly dream come true. Unknown to the world till 1770s, Seychelles has gained an image of magical necklace with 115 islands beautifully placed like pearls on a string. Located off the coast of East Africa , the versicolored sea conspires with the silver sand to make Seychelles the queen among all heavenly places on Earth.

Here is a list for you - 5 Reasons that Will Make You Add Seychelles to Your Bucketlist

1. Underwater Marvels

Underwater Marvels

The serene beaches of Seychelles are known to all. What isn’t visible is more stunning than the apparent surface beauty of this place. Among the picturesque islands are six marine national parks, which are utopian for snorkelers and scuba divers. You can snorkel through prismatic corals and swim among hawksbill turtles and whale sharks. You can also dive among puffer fish and stingrays at the Shark Bank Diving Spot.

2. Hopping On and Off Islands

Hopping On and Off Islands

Among 150 breathtaking islands, there has to be one which is perfect for you! You can explore world’s rarest birds, lush forests, beautiful flora and fauna, stunning granite rock formations and much more. The list of natural wonders is never ending. You can also spend some days navigating around the outer islands for discovering sand cays and coral atolls.

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4. Time for Some Carnival Fun

Time for Some Carnival Fun

Held in the city of Victoria, the zesty Carnaval International de Victoria, hoards entertainers from around the world for three days of parades, cultural dances and processions. In the month of October, experience the Festival Kreol. Celebrate the sound, smell and flavours of the world of Creole, at this festival.

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5. What? A Hindu Temple in Seychelles?

What? A Hindu Temple in Seychelles?

The capital of Seychelles, Victoria, is the smallest capital in the world. You can actually explore this beautiful place in less than a day, on foot! And to everyone’s surprise, right after the market there is a vivacious Hindu temple. Yes! You heard it right. A Hindu Temple located miles away from India. If you are spiritual, you are going to love this temple. And if you are not, this can be a great place for getting clicked!

Seychelles has something or the other for everyone. Untouched by the hustle-bustle of the overcrowded and polluted cities, this place is nothing less than a dreamland. The feeling you get from breathing fresh air, after having spent a lifetime in pollution, is just so blissful. So why waste time? Just pick up a pen and add Seychelles to your bucketlist!

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