5 Quick Ways To Be a Sustainable Traveler

5 Quick Ways To Be a Sustainable Traveler

Travel and tourism industry is one of the most powerful in the world, with creating 10% of the world’s jobs, at 313 million worldwide as stated by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Thus creating an impact on the planet and protecting the wildlife should not be a task, instead should become a responsibility of each individual.   With the widespread of the travel and tourism industry, there are lot many negative side effects too, there is a lot of strain on the cities, where flocks of tourists are coming, excessive use of fossil fuels by airlines, plastic waste, wastage of water and hampering the local vicinities.   Therefore there is a dire need to create global awareness about how the responsible traveling or tourism can bring the positive change in our society.   The very important aspect of sustainable tourism is by employing environment-friendly practices, where one should indulge in recycle, reduce and reuse.   Other changes we can bring upon by protecting the natural and cultural heritage be it saving the endangered species or historical monuments.   Last but not least is to promote local communities and their products, wherever or in whichever city you go, promote their local produce and help in generating employment for them.   Here we have gathered some tips for all the travelers, of what they can do to reduce their impact on the planet.  

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Here is a list for you - 5 Quick Ways To Be a Sustainable Traveler

1. Say no to plastic

Say no to plastic

Plastic waste has a huge impact on the environment when it comes to travel. The swirling Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an example of irresponsible living and traveling, this trash island has gazillions of plastic bottles and bags accumulating in the ocean while worsening the condition of the whole marine ecosystem.


So be a part of a sustainable and responsible traveler tribe, and do not use plastic bottles, straws or bags while you are traveling. Instead carry an extra tote bag inside your suitcase, one recyclable water bottle, and a straw for yourself.  Thus in this way, you will not only reduce plastic waste but will also reduce carbon emissions come from the manufacturing of bottles and bags.

2. Support local economy

Support local economy

Supporting the local economy and their productions helps a lot in uplifting the society around the area and generates employment for them. This makes them stronger and helps in uplifting the society as a whole. Locally made crafts and souvenirs are not only cheap but purchasing them ensures your contribution to the economy.

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3. Book eco-conscious accommodations

Book eco-conscious accommodations

These days there are quite many eco-conscious accommodations are available, which keeps in mind the area around their property and do not disturb the natural habitat at all.


So make sure to stay in places where they rely on rainwater harvesting for their swimming pools, cook your meals from home-grown gardens and use all naturally made toiletries.


Well, you must be thinking all of this will come up with a huge cost, but you might be wrong as there are lot many places where you get homestays, bread and breakfast accommodation, who care for nature and are eco-conscious without going heavy on your pockets.  

4. Limit use of energy and conserve water

Limit use of energy and conserve water

It is very important to limit the use of energy and conserve water, as we don’t realize the amount of wastage we do while taking a long steamy bath or swimming in our luxury swimming pools. It's the locals who face the challenges, around 2 billion people in the world do not have clean water to drink. So think about it, Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, taking a bath with a bucket, not switching on AC’s throughout the day and there are many small- small initiatives we can take on our own to save the environment.

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5. Do not buy wildlife products

Do not buy wildlife products

Travelers who are eco-sensitive will never buy wildlife products. It's very important to protect the natural habitat and the ongoing cruelty on the animals. So make sure to always buy naturally made products, say no to leather and products which are tested on animals. This way we can make a huge impact on our environment and little steps by each one of us will help in saving it.


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