5 Increasingly Expensive Countries To Travel To And Where To Go Instead

5 Increasingly Expensive Countries To Travel To And Where To Go Instead

Travelling is a fun activity and everybody wants to go to get a change in their life and feel relaxed. But there are certain places which are quite expensive and you cannot afford. So given below is a list of those places which are very expensive Even with that the places are mentioned which you can choose instead of them.

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Here is a list for you - 5 Increasingly Expensive Countries To Travel To And Where To Go Instead

1. Why go Singapore when you have Malaysia

Singapore is quite an expensive place. From the food to the sightseeing, everything is expensive. You might want to see Universal Studio but the cost of this place is too much for a living. So leaving this you should plan a trip to Malaysia which is certainly a cheaper destination. Serving the best seafood at a low price to the beautiful beaches, everything is amazing here. Even shopping is cheap at this place.

2. Dont go to Thailand but plan a trip to Cambodia

With every passing day, Thailand is becoming quite a popular destination and every year the numbers of tourist are increasing. It is still cheaper than the United States but still the stay, food everything has become expensive now. So in that case you should go to Cambodia which serves a iety of food, has abundant of ruins from the past and most importantly the phenomenal natural beauty. So this is something wonderful to visit.

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3. No more Costa Rica instead go Guatemala

Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity among the people. It has amazing wildlife but it has been quite into American motion now whereas on the other hand Guatemala is a great place to visit which has a little less biodiversity but this traditional cit is cheap and has a lot more to do. Even it has beautiful sightseeing options.

4. Bye Italy say hello to Slovenia

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world due to its architecture. People especially plan a trip for there honeymoon due to its amazing culture and tradition. Even the dishes such as pizza, pasta are famous from this land but on the contrary, Slovenia is more beautiful It is simply wonderful. It is like a dream world where the landscape is worth seeing.  Even the cost of food and drinks is half that of Italy. So this is a good deal to opt for.

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5. Skip Israel and go to Egypt

Israel is famous for its history and traditions. All over the world people go there to observe the culture. As it has a large number of pilgrims, this place is quite expensive. So instead of going there, one must choose Egypt which is worth every penny. There particular culture, the food and even artifacts everything is worth there. The country is very beautiful and you will surely have a unique experience. So change your decision and go to Egypt.

Thus these are some of the places which are too costly and everyone cannot afford it. So the alternatives are the best choice and you will definitely not repent choosing them.

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