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5 Bizarre Museums Which Boggles The Believable Quotient

Museums have a story to tell; a piece of history; a niche filling in humanity's ceaseless quest to organize and tag everything in the environment. These museums are different in a bizarre way showcasing and adorning certain things which are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments - Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, is adorned in history for its majestic beauty. Yes, Prague houses one of the most zany museums around.

The Cat Museum, Kuching, Malaysia


Must have heard the age-old quote- don't fight like cats and dogs? But here for the people of Kuching, it only means "cat city".In this museum of meows one attains knowledge about historical beliefs regarding cats, including Egyptian cat mummification. Well! Dare not forget reading the cat memorabilia from around the world and oh yes! Hello Kitty too makes a guest appearance. Apart from it one would be baffled viewing the mounted display of the world's rarest cat species. But what a pity! the museum doesn't recommend a cure for hairballs.


The Paris Sewer Museum - Paris, France


Now we present the Paris Sewer Museum. With the possible exception of London, no other city in the world has a sewer system with such a memorable history. At first trifle it may represent a weird museum subject but a keen look unfolds the story of the sewer system in Paris which in fact is the story of the city itself. A tad melodramatic? Sure. But worth a sure visit nonetheless. Paris has had a de-facto sewer system since the 13th century, can a mortal believe it? Well you have to.


Sulabh International Museum of Toilets - New Delhi, India


In an attempt to spread sanitary awareness in India the Sulabh sanitation movement in India was started.The museum is the right place showcasing the evolution of toilets. This is a museum of its kind only on earth. A must see.


Museum of Witchcraft - Cornwall, England

Museum of Witchcraft - Cornwall, England_1478498331u50.jpg

The days of being burnt at the stake are bygone, so now one is free to cast spells on anyone courtesy museum of witch craft Cornwall.

The Meguro Parasite Museum, Tokyo, Japan


This museum bills itself as the only one endowment in itself in the whole planet devoted to parasites. This museum houses photos of people with elephantiasis and heaps of creepy crawlies and it has over 45,000 prepared parasite specimens in its collection.

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