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5 Astonishing Viewing Platforms and Skywalks

Man, the extremely gifted of all creatures in the world has history of creating things that are sensational. The different skywalks found across the world are also one of man's thrilling creations. These bizarre structures either protruding from a hill or hovering between the mountains and also sometimes jutting out from the multi-storied buildings are a treat for adventure buffs. Let us check out best skywalks and viewing platforms here.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, United States

Built in a horse-shoe shape, Grand Canyon Skywalk is a transparent cantilever bridge in Arizona. This skywalk is absolutely stunning and extends up to 70 feet over the lip of the Grand Canyon. Needless to say, the view is spectacular!

Cliffwalk, Canada

This cliff walk in British Columbia offers splendid view of Capilana River from the walkway that extends 700 feet. The cliff walk is attached to a granite cliff and is an absolutely thrilling place to stand and look at breathtaking vista.

Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness - Austria

If you are adventurist at heart, Schaldmig in Austria is a place for you. Here extends a 328 feet long bridge that offers a phenomenal view of the Alps. To add to the adventure, visitors first have to cross this suspension bridge and then descend 14 steps that are cliff-facing and are surrounded by glass walls. Dachstein Stairway is indeed the best adventure that one can take up in Austria!

AlpspiX Viewing Platform - Germany

The X-shaped platform in Garmisch-Partenkirchen region of Germany is yet another enthralling place to be. AlpspiX is a 42 feet long viewing platform that offers phenomenal view of the valley that lays 3281 feet below. Interestingly, the platform remains open during the winter season, when there is snow on the entire floor.

The Ledge - United States

The Ledge - United States_1477289045u50.jpg

This is a sky deck that protrudes from Willis Tower in downtown Chicago. Situated at a dizzying altitude of 1353 feet and on the 110th floor of the building, The Ledge offers a gorgeous view of the city. These are four boxes that are made of glass and the visitors stepping into it, can see 50 miles around the city. Fascinatingly the boxes can retract to the building when the cleaning is required.

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