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34th India International Trade Fair, New Delhi

Do not miss the opportunity to shop for various products and taste global cuisine at 34th India International Trade Fair to be held from November 19-27, 2014. IITF has emerged as the largest consumer goods fair in the Indian sub-continent.
34th India International Trade Fair - India




The 34th India International Trade Fair is bigger and better with more number of participant countries and a huge exhibition space.

Malaysia, Germany, South Korea and Kuwait are some of the countries participating in India International Trade Fair for the first time.

The partner country of this year's Trade Fair is South Africa, so you will also see products and handicraft from South Africa.

The focus country is Thailand.

And the theme chosen for this year's trade fair is 'Women Entrepreneurs' to encourage women business ownership in various fields such as computers, food, technology, agriculture etc.

There is also a GPS-enabled mobile app that can be downloaded from India International Trade Fair's official website. For shoppers' convenience, each hall will have 25 ATMs from different banks. Tickets for public will be available from selected Delhi Metro stations for Rs 50 per person on working days and Rs 80 per person on weekends, starting from 14th November. Timings 9.30 am - 7.30 pm

What: India International Trade Fair
Where: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
When: November 19-27, 2014
Contact: www.iitf.in

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