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10 Tips For Riding Long Distance In A Group

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Planning a long distance ride with a group is like a dream which many people have. Some certainly don’t get a chance to fulfil it but lucky are those who get it. So if you are among those who are blessed with this opportunity, given below are some tips for riding long distance in a group.

Have A Proper Sleep
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Having a proper sleep before going for a long ride is quite important. Having eight hours sleep is a must. Don’t just stay awake in excitement. Even you should take nap in between while you are travelling if the journey is too long. If you have to leave for the journey at 5.00 am, be sure that you have a proper sleep and if any case you are unable to sleep then you should start your trip little late.

Carry Your Identification Proof
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It is very important to state a proof of your identification on the vehicle. You might be in a big group but you can even get lost or some mishappening can occur. So, in that case, you should stick to your details on the vehicle. Even this should be done on the luggage too so that if you lose it, then someone can contact you and return if they found it.

Navigational Map
navigational-maps_1527491306s30.png Photo by: iphonefaq

Technology is a great help but do carry printed map along and share with all your group members. It will be easy to see routes and go according to it.

Look at The Road Clearly
group-tours_1527491307s40.jpg Photo by: Advantour

It is very important to see the road clearly. You should just observe the routes and follow accordingly. Don’t trust other riders blindly. Even see that you don’t block the whole road as even other people have to move. So go in a group but leave some space for passersby.

Don’t Carry Your Watch Along
dont-look-at-the-clock_1527491307s50.jpg Photo by: Youtube

Don’t just carry your watch along. If you will be wearing it, you will probably be looking out at a time after every few hours and worry that you are getting late. So, in that case, you will increase the speed. So just leave your watch and go on enjoying your ride.

Eat Different Dishes
different-dishes_1527491307s60.jpg Photo by: FoodNetworkUK

As you are in a big group, order different kind of dishes at a roadside restaurant. By doing this you can taste a different kind of dishes and even it will be a fun to try something which you have never done.

Stay Calm
keep-calm_1527491308s70.jpg Photo by: Personal Branding Blog

You might find a number of people on road. Some may try to bully you, show off or do some of this kind of activities. In that case, you stay calm and concentrate on the road. Our aim is to experience a happy journey and not fight with people.

Explain About Your Energy
slow-walking_1527491308s80.jpg Photo by: TreeHugger

Be friendly with your group and tell them how much you can travel and what speed. Don’t hesitate about asking for breaks in between as it is quite important otherwise you might feel tired and feel sleepy on the way. So be careful about this.

Be Helpful
be-helpful_1527491308s90.jpg Photo by: Splash Omnimedia

Take the tools along as you never know when the vehicle can stop working. Maintain cordial relationship with people so that you can also ask for help when needed.

Have Fun
have-fun_1527491309s100.jpg Photo by: Success Magazine

Your journey is about fun so don’t worry about the speed, time or things like that. Stay in a chill mode and have maximum fun on your journey.

Thus these are the tips which you should keep in mind while going for a group journey.

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