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10 Simple Hacks to get over Jet Lag

Jet lag is a common symptom in people making very long journey by air that may keep them out of energy for days. You can try the following 10 Simple Hacks to get over Jet Lag:
2. Plan your Work Ahead

It's better to plan ahead so that you get some time for relaxing after your landing. It is important to maintain a proper schedule by pre-booked arrangement to avoid hassles on arrival. If you have to rejoin work, remain prepared to handle whatever responsibility is expected from you. Put aside 15 minutes or so per day to work in advance since your are less likely remain completely fresh on landing and need some rest.
3.Begin your day by washing your face with a mild shower gel or face-wash

No matter whether you are too exhausted due to sleepless tenure in flight or feeling fresh, rinse your face thoroughly using some gentle face wash or gel and fresh water before jumping into your busy schedule. Mint, menthol and citrus flavor is found especially refreshing.


4.Take suitable Vitamines

Vitamins are essential for immunity. Both vitamin B and vitamin C help develop body immunity and protect you from viral and bacterial attacks. This is important again as disturbance in sleep, exhaustion and new sleep schedule due to change in time zone, make you more vulnerable to catch virus and /or bacteria. Carrot juice, orange juice or ginger juice are found give some extra boost in your body and mind.

5.Take One or two cup of Coffee for energy

A cup of coffee always gives energy to get rid of fatigue. Many times in case of jet lag, one cup is not sufficient and you may require the 2nd cup to rejuvenate yourself. But do not take more. And avoid any kind of caffeine at least 3 hours before going to bed.

6.Eat Well and Healthy

Keep your body nourished to keep your body alert. Sweet and heavy snacks may be tempting especially when you are desperate to get energized; but resist yourself from such foods and choose a light vitamin and protein rich diet instead. Also, make sure to eat proper meal according to the new time zone.


7.Don't Dress Casually if you are on a Business tour

You may feel like dressing in a casual or relaxing house gown after a jet lag when you are totally drained out of energy. But if you are in an official tour do not indulge yourself in casual dressing.


8. Listen to your favorite Music

Music has surprising relaxing effect when you are exhausted. An invigorating tune can also play the wonder in boosting your energy level. Pop up your head phones whenever you feel drowsy to prepare for your work schedule.

9.Take solid and small Naps for a couple of Days

The first two days are spent in adjusting with the new time zone with new daylight hours. You may feel too tired and weak to get on work. If you deprive yourself from the rest your body needs, you will tire yourself out more. Take short naps during these two or three days to allow your body gathering energy to work again. If you need to join at your work shortly after arrival, take breaks in between your work.


10. Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol can act both as a stimulant and as a depressant. You must restrict your alcohol intake since it can make your fragile body, more vulnerable. Instead of gaining energy you may dehydrate due to alcohol consumption.

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