10 Retreats across the World that Relishes the Honeymoon Goers

10 Retreats across the World that Relishes the Honeymoon Goers


Honeymoon for a newly-wed couple is more than just a vacation so that a new phase of life can begin on a thumping note. It is also a period in a couple's life that starts with a new promise, new zeal and on a completely fresh note. Hence, it is important that the place must also be somewhat special than anything ordinary with some activity around it. Therefore, we present here a list of some exquisite honeymoon getaways that can simply stir up the rendezvous so that a couple can feel the magic of the time.

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Here is a list for you - 10 Retreats across the World that Relishes the Honeymoon Goers

1. Santorini


The red and black sands of the beaches of this Aegean Sea island can be a visitor's delight while the archeological marvels here can stir up a couple's heart. Right from the historic city of Manolas in Thirassia to the well-kept Ancient Akrotiri, it has a lot to offer. A couple can also see the lazy cruise ships on the shores of Thira and enjoy the view immensely.

2. Bali


Popularly known as the 'Isle of the Gods', it is a beautiful place that offers mist-covered temples and lovely mountain landscapes. The Nusa Dua coastline with its pristine blue water and white sand beaches can be mesmerizing. A visit to the high Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple can be quite exciting with its awe-inspiring sunset views. Couples can also participate here in Kecak dance performance.

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3. Bora Bora

Bora Bora


It was recently voted by the US News and World Report as the world's best island and can be a fantastic honeymoon destination. It has crystal-clear waters with visible coral reefs. The picturesque mountains in the backdrop only help in raising its beauty quotient further. A couple can also see the exotic Mount Otemanu over here through a helicopter tour and visit a vanilla bean farm on a nearby island.

4. Rivne Oblast


This Ukrainian province can be a cool honeymoon destination due to its highly popular 'Tunnel of Love' where a couple walking hand in hand can surely feel something ecstatic of their relationship. It is also a belief over here that couples who cross this tunnel holding hands together get their wishes fulfilled! However, apart from it, there are some lovely cathedrals and forts like the Tarakaniv Fort that are awesome to visit.

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5. Maui


This tropical Hawaiian island offers an endless coastline and outstanding marine life. The waterfall pools of the area can be absolutely ravishing. There are pristine beaches, scenic hikes, and sleepy villages that can catch the imagination of a newly-wed couple. The Kapalua Bay is a beach that just can't be missed out! Gear for a drive on the famous Hana Highway to experience one of the best road trips of all times.

6. Sonoma



 For a laid-back couple, the "Sonoma experience" can be a different way of celebrating a honeymoon. There can be breathtaking scenery at this location with superb wine and lip-smacking food that a couple can enjoy here. While staying in Forestville's Farmhouse Inn, one can also get special entry to some of the best wineries of the area like the Kosta Browne and Kistler that can be absolutely an amazing experience.

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7. Cape Town


If the desired theme of a honeymoon is a big city buzz coupled with wildlife and beaches, head straight to Cape Town for a mesmerizing experience. There are some lovely beaches, cool landscape and some of the best safaris in the world over here. A visit to the end of Africa, Cape Agulhas and Cape of Good Hope can also be undertaken with a 90-minute drive. Couples can also visit the Boulder Beach and watch the warm weather penguins over here.

8. Hammerfest


It is no ordinary place for a honeymoon as the sun doesn't set here! That can mean a lot of activity so that a hike to Mount Tyven can be undertaken. The Soroya-Tarhalsen and the Polar Bear Society are also quite attractive destinations in the city.

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9. Dumfries and Galloway


Budget couples looking for a lavish location can select this dream destination and indulge in sightseeing, windsurfing, and yachting over here. Couples can also enjoy the traditional wood-fired hot tub bath and watch a lot of period-era castles of the region apart from camping and other activities. 

10. Male


If marine life attracts a couple, this can be the ideal honeymoon destination. The archipelago has an underwater night club, coral nursery glowing by the night and a restaurant that can be reached only through a boat! Night time snorkeling tours can also be enjoyed here.  

These are some of the best honeymoon destinations that a couple can surely enjoy on their first trip together.

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