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10 Of The Most Epic Real-Life Vacation Disasters Ever

Tragedies are inevitable part of travel, many a times they are minor and are enjoyed as challenges by travel aficionados but sometimes things get a little too difficult to be handled and then comes those times, when epic vacation disasters occur causing you start doubting your stars. The unfortunate events leave permanent scars but they always have some incredible story behind! Here are few travel misfortunes that no traveler would ever want to encounter.

Vacation ended for a British tourist in New York City when a reckless cab driver swerved his cab on the sidewalk and hit this carefree tourist. The accident was horrific that the foot of the British tourist severed from the leg.

Bouln Annot, Franceder Trouble i

Well, France is known for its incredible train journeys but it turns out that sometimes good things end in disaster. In Annot, France, a car-sized boulder from French Alps came crashing a tourist train killing two passengers and injuring nine.

The Sandstorm Crisis in Mali-Niger Border

A group of European had their life's worst travel experience. While the group was returning in a car from a festival in Mali, a sandstorm took place and before anyone of them could adjust to it a group of armed men shot at the car's tires and took three tourists hostage.

Stag Hit and Run Case in Lochailort, United Kingdom

Nature is not always humble and this was indeed proven in Lochailort, Scotland, when a stag severely injured a tourist here. Dr. Kate Stone was heading to her friend's house in Scottish Highland when a stag gored her neck with the antlers.

Fatal Photography in Cape Douglas, Australia

Fatal Photography in Cape Douglas, Australia_1477567952u50.jpg

We all have seen how few tourists go out of their way to click pictures and it always makes us laugh, well not this time. It was in Cape Douglas that an Australian woman was trying to take picture of the vista from a sea cliff and she ended tragically falling to death.

Pirate Attack in Lamu Kenya

Lamu Kenya_1477375226u60.jpg

Who would have thought that pirates have business idea out of the water as well. In Lamu, a British couple was attacked by Pirates, while they were vacationing in a resort. The husband was shot dead and the wife was held hostage for six months in Somalia.

The Troubling Guide in Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia

The Troubling Guide in Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia_1477567954u70.jpg

Now, this one pops a question in one's head as to whom to trust while travelling. In an island of Fatu Hiva, a German tourist was found dead, on investigation, it was revealed that the tourist was killed by his guide while they were on a goat hunting expedition. The reason to the murder remains unknown. Later, the guide also attacked the tourist's girlfriend in the jungle.

Lethal Cocktail in Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Lethal Cocktail in Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand_1477567954u80.jpg

The Phi Phi islands in Thailand are known for their vivacious parties and gorgeous beaches. However, one such party in the island crashed tragically, when two Canadian sisters died after drinking one of the brews of Kratom te and Coca Cola. It was later found out that the cocktail contained DEET, which is an active ingredient in many bug repellents.

Croc Attack in Havelock's Island, India

Now, this is rare that unlikely to happen in the peaceful islands of Andaman and Nicobar in India. A salt water crocodile attacked an American couple, when they were snorkelling in Havelock. The croc dragged the wife into the jungle and killed her.

The Horrific Mistaken Identity Case in Acapula, Mexico

The Horrific Mistaken Identity Case in Acapula, Mexico_1477567956u100.jpg

For 20 Mexican tourists a vacation took all they had including their lives. It was in Acapula, when a group of 20 mechanics thought of taking a vacation but they were all shot dead by the gang of Cartel boss Carlo Montemayor on the basis of mistaken identity. Cartel told police that his gang kidnapped and murdered the group of tourists after mistaking them as a member of rival gang.

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