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10 Most Terrifying Civilizations in the History of the World

We have known civilization since ages for their finest creations, literary works, rich culture and sky scrapping edifices which can be termed as the virtuous contribution to the history of the world. But have you ever tried to know the gloomy side of a few civilizations those are already famous? If you haven't yet, then look at this list talking about the most terrifying civilizations:
Soviet Union

It is claimed that Communism has taken more lives than Nazi Germany. Stalin alone killed 60 million people which was enough to prove the fact that the country was not safe for those who were not supporting communism. However, communists like Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu killed some more millions.

Nazi Germany

Benito Mussolini and his Nazi Germany's anarchy are known across the globe. Remember the famous Holocaust that caused the lives of around 4 million people (some people speculate the figure was closer 11 million). The swastika symbol of Nazi Germany is one of the most hated symbols in human history.

Roman Empire

Perhaps the history can never forget the cruelty involved in gladiatorial games. This is one of the gloomiest parts of the chivalric Roman Empire. Mostly the humans used to confront with a hungry beast like lion or tiger and the Roman Kings used to enjoy this brutal game. In most cases the subjects who were sent to lifetime imprisonment, slaves or the defeated soldiers of the opponent parties were chosen for this fight.
Apache Tribes

One of the most brutal and right conscious tribes of America, Apache tribe is among the best knife fighters the world has ever seen. They used weapons made of bones with which they slit away the throat of their enemies

Whether it is the physical strength or the techniques of war, these groups of seafaring northern Germanic people terrorized the core areas of north Atlantic islands, Asia and a significant part of Europe. They used to believe that they are born to sacrifice their life at war field.

Maori Civilization

Claimed to be the first settlers of New Zealand even before the arrival of Europeans, Maoris can be called as truly ferocious and cruel. They practiced cannibalism in war field so much so that in 1809 they killed 66 European people who were in a boat attacked by them. Not just they killed them but they took them to the shore and ate them.


Considered to be a barbaric and savage community dedicated their life for warfare and bloodshed, Mongols were one of the most influential powers in Europe and Asia. In terms of extending the boundary of their reign, they were second to the British Empire. Highly organised and masters in bow and arrow and horse riding, this empire marked its significance in the world history with the appearance of Temujin or Genghis Khan. 

The Aztecs

The Aztec were ethnic groups of central Mexico, arrived in Mesoamerica around the beginning of the 13th century. These Cannibals used to believe that with the passing of every 52 years, the world would end unless the Gods were strong enough. To make the Gods, human sacrifice was very much necessary. So, they took a human atop a pyramid and used to take out the pumping heart breaking the ribs. To make the scene more horrible they would throw away the body downstairs.

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