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10 Free Things That Will Make You Love London

London is a city that never bores anybody, irrespective of the money factor. If you are in London and running short of budget, there is still a lot more to get along with! Here is a list of things that you can cherish, free of cost, if you are in London.

Amazing Sites

Century's old city of London has plethora of amazing sites to be seen, and the best part is, you need not to pay for seeing them! The Primrose hill is one of the most famous destinations of London for the purpose of picnic and gatherings. The picturesque view from Royal Observatory amazes everyone. Crossing the Thames at night is an amazing experience one must have. The Hyde Park has got something for everyone, from children to the retired ones!

Art everywhere

Some of the world's best art work can be seen in London. All major art galleries and museums right from National Gallery to the British Museum all have free entry and all are worth visiting. Also make sure to visit the Sir John Saone's Museum, as it is one of the best museums.

The Brick Lane

The modern London is said to be at the Brick Lane. To have a view of the street art, Brick Lane is the right place to be! Make sure to check the free gigs from several bands performing on the streets, they can be a lot entertaining.

The Changing of the Guard

If the Brick Lane demonstrates the modern London, The Changing of the Guard shows the traditional London! Since the 19th Century, when Queen Victoria had got the official residence in form of famous Buckingham Palace, many of the ceremonies at the Changing of the Guard have been stopped. The traditional handover from one group of guardsmen wearing bearskin and red-tunic to the other group happens on every day from the month of May to July and on every alternate day during rest of the year.

The Speaker's Corner

At the corner of the Hyde Park, there is a Speaker's Corner, which is said to be the home of free speeches. It is one of the interesting spaces for debates since 1866 and on every Sunday speakers from various parts of London gather here and give their opinions and participate in the debates held on some of the burning issues. Karl Marx, George Orwell and many other were a few of the noted speakers who participated at the Speaker's Corner.


A blissful walk along Southbank of the River Thames is a treat for the nature lovers. There are always several free events taking place near the Southbank and it is a pleasant experience for all the visitors. Along with that there are several events happening across the area, to keep the atmosphere entertaining and worth visiting.

The Markets of London

The markets of London are for everyone. It matches the taste of every individual and offers brilliance of quality food and grocery items. The Borough Market is one of the famous destinations among the foodies as it caters to the taste of everyone. The Columbia Road flower market is another destination for the lovers.

Book stores

The book stores of London are meant for browsing! Founded in 1977, Hatchard's is one of the oldest book stores of London where everyday, thousands of visitors visit just for browsing the books. The Cecil Court is yet another book store known for the antiquarian and rare books collections.

St Martin's in the Fields

Want to enjoy some free lunch-time music? St Martin's in the Fields have the best free lunchtime concerts. You can also enjoy a very reasonable hearty lunch at the church's cafe.

British Library

Love reading books at a peaceful place? Then British Library is your destination! With more than 150 million books, the British Library holds the record of one of the biggest library across the globe. Amazing enough for anyone to visit! You can also grab a coffee and read any of your favorite books here in any of the reading rooms. Countries You Can Visit For Less Than $50

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