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10 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Fabulous

1. Try to identify how Poisonous trees look like

If you are camping at a place next to dense forest, then it would be of great help, if you can really familiarize yourself with the poisonous trees found close to the campsite. Try avoiding those plants, you are allergic to.

2. Make a creative lamp

You can simply turn your head lamp to a lantern. Fill up a white gallon with water and strap your head lamp around the gallon pointing the lamp towards it. You can get sufficient light to fill your tent with bright light.

3. Experiment with your matchsticks

Buy the strike-anywhere matches to avoid the last hour rush. Do not forget to paste sandpaper on the back of the match holder.

4. Use tick tack box instead of large canes

Small items like spices, salt, pepper can be stored in used tic-tack boxes. If possible, label them to minimize chances of confusion.

5. Try to buy a two-person sleeping bag

Instead of investing on a single sleeping bag, try buying a double one. If you are going with family or a group this two-person sleeping bag would be really of great help.

6. Make creative candle stakes

Divide a long candle in two parts and fix them inserting some sticks. It will add some zing in your dinner session arranged inside the camp. It will be better if you can use colorful candles for this.

7. Make single-use soap from a bar

Use vegetable peeler to slice up small pieces of soap from a bar. These slices can be used one time and would maintain hygiene inside your camp.

8. Handmade mosquito killer

Add bundles of sage to campfire to keep mosquitoes away. In forest, neither your All Out Machine would work nor anti-mosquito cream.

9. Use Microfiber Towels

While camping try carrying lighter yet effective things. Microfiber towels are really very lightweight and they are super absorbent.

10. Prepare a mini first aid kit

It's always advisable to carry a first aid box while embarking on an adventure trip. But, instead of carrying one heavy box, one can use the old prescription bottle or Altoids tins. You can also carry different medicines in different bottle to use the medicines easily.

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