#Trashtag challenge should be your next travelgram

#Trashtag challenge should be your next travelgram

  We live in the world of Social Media. Well it doesn’t take more that a flick of a second to sensationalize some weird challenge and get the people hooked on it. Over the last few years we have seen many of these dangerous and some absurd challenges like momo challenge, blue whale challenge, kiki challenge here comes which actually makes some sense. #trashtag challenge  

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Here is a list for you - #Trashtag challenge should be your next travelgram

1. What is Trashtag Challenge?


#trashtag challenge is a new age instagrammable way of cleaning the areas around you, in which people are compelled to pick up the trash around and post the picture of the transformed area. The idea was started few years back however it has only very recently caught fire on the internet when this picture was posted on instagram


#trashtag has taken over all the social media platforms be it instagram, twitter, reddit for all the right reasons. People are enthusiastically posting pictures of the cleansed areas and sharing the stories of the transformation.

2. And soon #trashtag became the next trending thing

And soon #trashtag became the next trending thing


#trashtag has taken a cleaning spree all over the world and is known by different names like #cleanupchallenge, #trashchallenge and #challengeforchange. However we are happy because very few times a viral trend contributes to connect with the lives of people beyond the boundaries of the digital world. The challenge has spread the cleanliness drive all around the world and the results are quite amazing. Volunteers all over the world are encouraging people to clean up the litter in their surrounding and share the before and after pictures. Lakes, beaches, roads, societies and localities are urging people to join hands and participate in the initiative towards greener and cleaner land.



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3. An initiative by CUSAT

An initiative by CUSAT


#trashtag challenge that took all over social media was an initiative by the students of Cochin University of Science and Technology. As a part of this movement, 20 students all over the campus collected more than 400 bags of waste and in turn cleaned all the campus.This was one of the kind of drive and an amazing cleanliness drive that shook the world. Since then the University is keeping strict eye and also installed the surveillance cameras in the campus. Students spend 1 to 3 hours everyday cleaning the campus.

We live in the world where it is easy to indulge in an action and make it viral through social media. Let us use it for the benefit of the world and create a positive impact through it. And #trashtag has taken over the digital world and over the lives of people for al the right reasons. Unlike the mannequin and the blue whale challenge, this viral fad has got to have impressible effect on the world. As the world is getting dirtier and the land is getting covered in filth, we need to actively try out new ways and do our part responsively. Even it gets you to gain few likes and followers on social media that is icing on the cake.

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