Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)

Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) is well acclaimed tourism trade association in Kenya, which has prominent reputation in travel industry. Owing to its influence, KATO represents the interest of over 250 of the leading and most experienced professional tour operators in Kenya. KATO has huge range of services that are categorized as special interest safaris, air safaris, incentive travel group safaris, custom safaris for individual travelers, camping safaris, Indian Ocean & Coast holidays, Gold Safaris and Agro Safaris.

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As part of the mission KATO has a list, which is as follows:

Maintain the reputation of Kenya as tourist destination by providing effective and efficient services.
Winning the trust of agents and individual clients by convincing them about the mechanism of Kenya in which it redresses the clients of any wrongs suffered by them.
Recommend certain standards, which the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife might consider in determining whether or not to grant or renew the license of an operator.
Ensure protection of Association's members in case of any dispute either with another member or a non-member of the Association.
Endeavor to instill a spirit of unity and loyalty to each other amongst members of the Association.

Who can be its Member

In order to become a member of KATO, there is a procedure to be followed, which goes like this:
Operating as a Tour Operator licensed by the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife for one year, a company can apply for the membership of Association by making a formal application in written, requesting to join the Association. All new companies join in the Associate category and further they are made applicable to full membership. The level of KATO membership also extends to affiliate membership for foreign tour operators or local allied trade companies or individuals whose membership of KATO is to benefit to the Association.

Industry Standards

When it comes to industry standards for the working of its company, KATO is very particular about every code of conduct. The core value behind every ethic and code of conduct revolves around the same goal, which is gratification of members, clients and travelers. KATO has a separate Sub-Committee of eight members that supervises and monitors the members to follow these norms so that a discipline is settled in the Association and employees move ahead with concentration.