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Blue Lagoon

4.5 ★
PlaceBlue Lagoon
Area Jamaica
Prices starting: 4000/night
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About Blue Lagoon
Well, the first thing that comes to mind after this name is the timeless beauty Brook Shields who is immortalized in the movie The Blue Lagoon. But, apart from the primeval innocence that Shields portrayed in the flick, this part of Jamaica is a true natural wonder that lives in our fantasy. Surrounded by steep hills and deep water, Blue Lagoon is located in the Portland region. However, it is a luxury resort now and you can have a real nice time in its pristine air. This cove with a narrow passage to the sea is located at a distance of 11 kms east of San Antonio. Apart from enjoying the serene and scenic surroundings, you can try some diving and snorkeling in its deep blue water. The marine life is fabulous here!
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