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Facts to know about Manikaran

Place: Manikaran
State: Himachal Pradesh
Pincode: 175105
Language: Himachali, Hindi
Weather: Summer 15.5°C to °C, Winter 8°C to °C
Currency: Rupees - INR
Best Time To Visit Manikaran: April to June
Ideal Duration: 3-4 Days

Things to do in Manikaran
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Manikaran is a quite popular weekend destination for couples and friends. The place is a perfect hill station with a tranquil environment and equally pleasant weather. Here are a few things that you can enjoy in Manikaran:
Experience the holy Hot springs:
Manikaran is renowned for its hot springs. There are two major hot springs in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurudwara and in the River Parvati. Both the hot springs have holy importance and are believed to offer salvation to those who bath in the water. The hot springs are also celebrated to have radioactive substances and natural uranium.
Admire the nature:
Manikaran is a place of picturesque beauty of nature. The serene mountains, the thriving River, and the lush green valley’s offer you a relaxing experience.  It is one of the best places in India that offers you a perfect break from your regular schedule of hectic life.

Places to see in Manikaran
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Manikaran is a holy place for Hindu and Sikhs. The prime places to see in Manikaran are of holy importance:
Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gurudwara:
The glittering Gurudwara of Guru Nanak Ji is a compelling place that you must visit. Located on the north bank of the Parvati River the gurudwara has two entrances, one from the underground passage and another over the bridge above the river. It is a multistory building and the gurudwara sahib is on the top floor.
The lungar runs at this place 24*7 and anyone can relish the amazing taste of dal, chawal, sabzi and roti in the langar hall. The place is also renowned for its hot spring with is said to offer salvation and medical relief.
Naina Bhagwati Temple:
The temple is devoted to a local goddess who is a legend in the Manikaran history. Made with local timber the temple is a wooden ornate that has amazing wood crafted paintings and carvings.
Shiva Temple:
The temple is located right next door to the Gurudwara sahib. This is the place where the rice is cooked inside enormous pots in the hot spring water. The temple has an idol of Nandi (the bull) to whom the prayers are offered in his ears.
Ramchandra Temple:
The temple was built in the 17th century and is a marvel of the architecture of that time. The founder of the temple was Raja Jagat Singh. The temple is celebrated for the majestic idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.
Kulant Pith:
This is the most sacred of all the piths in India and holds great mythological importance. The place has great importance as it is believed that Lord Shankar stayed at this place for some time.

Food and Shopping in Manikaran
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Food in Manikaran:
Himachali food is typical Indian food that comprises of dal, chawal, roti and sabzi. One can also relish the tasty and hygienic food of the lungar in the gurudwara. Pickle is included in every meal here. If comfortable you can carry your own food arrangements with you.There are some good restaurants in the place but they almost serve the same variety of food.
Shopping in Manikaran:
There is a small market next to the gurudwara where you can buy basic things. The market also has many things of religious importance.

How to reach Manikaran By Bus
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Manikaran has direct buses from Kullu and the roads are in good condition hence the ride is comfortable. However, buses might kill a lot of your time as the buses go really slow especially on the hilly terrain.
Manikaran By Taxi
It is a rather quick and easy option to reach Manikaran. You can hire a taxi to Manikaran from Kullu and enjoy the ride along the mountains and the hills.
Manikaran By Train
There isn’t direct connectivity to Manikaran via train. You can take a train to Chandigarh and then hire a taxi or take a bus to Manikaran.
Manikaran By Air
The nearest airport to the Manikaran is Kullu airport but the connectivity is not very fair.

Manikaran Distance from nearby Places
Manikaran from New Delhi: 550 Kilometers
Manikaran from Chandigarh: 300 kilometers
Manikaran from Manali: 80 kilometers
Manikaran from Kullu: 40 kilometers

Hellotravel Rating to visit Manikaran

Hellotravel rating for Couples - 3 Star
Hellotravel rating for Kids - 2 Star
Hellotravel rating for Family - 4 Star
Hellotravel rating for Friends - 5 Star

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