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5 ★
AreaUnion Territory, India
Language Malayalam, Hindi, English
WeatherSummer 27 To 32°C to °C, Winter 20 To 32°C to °C
Plan before:153 days
Prices starting: 2000/night
Best Time: January, July, August
Ideal Duration4 - 7 Days
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Lakshadweep Overview
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Do's & Dont's in Lakshadweep
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  • Comfortable clothes
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  • Food Joints
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Ranked 2 out of 2 Places to visit in Union Territory
Ranked 1 in Island tours
Best time to visit for Solo - April, August, November
Best time to visit for Couple - January, July, August
Best time to visit for Family and Friends - May, July, August

Ideal duration for holidays in Lakshadweep is 4 - 7 Days, Best for Weeklong trips
Popular amongst travelers from kochi, mumbai, bengaluru, kolkata, pune
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Things to do in Lakshadweep
Things to do in Lakshadweep

Go Sailing
If sailing a Yatch is your dream, come and live it in Lakshadweep. The Kaatti Island offers you a great opportunity to sail a yatch and explore the aquatic beauty of the island. It is a very famous tourist attraction of the island.
Water Activities
Lakshadweep offers you a fresh experience of excitement, thrill and amazement. You can explore the underworld of the sea with scuba diving, snorkeling and canoeing. The coral reefs under water leaves you completely mesmerized. It is a perfect opportunity for the adventure enthusiast to get an adrenaline pump.
A perfect island to lay back and try your hands on fishing, Lakshadweep has many sea lagoons that have ample of fishes for you to catch. A barbecue session and some beverage add luxury to your fishing session.

Places to see in Lakshadweep
agatti_1482989862p2.jpg Photo by: wordpress

Blessed with the boon of natural splendor, Lakshadweep offers you many mesmerizing places to see. Here are a few of them
Agatti Islands
The Island is the one that homes the only air strip of the island. It has the best of the lagoons, coral reefs, many different and unique fishes and compelling flora and fauna. The picturesque beauty of the island attracts many tourists every year. It has spell binding palm meadows, awesome weather and lots of water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and sailing.
Kaatti Island
Immense greenery, white sand beaches, coral froth and splendid lagoons is what describes the Kaatti Islands. The calm and serene islands are one of the prime tourist spots in Lakshadweep. A nature lover’s paradise, Kaatti Island offers you the perfect opportunity to doze off amidst tranquility and peace.
Urja Mosque
Urja mosque is an important pilgrim of Muslim and is located in Kaatti Island. The shrine is magnificient and a perfect example of architecture amidst nature’s splendor. There is an aquarium in the mosque that has endless ieties of Coral reefs and fishes.
Bangaram Island
The serene beauty of the white sand beaches of this Island is something you must experience. The sparkling blue water and chilling sea breezes add to its glamour and makes it a perfect romantic place of newlyweds.  The place is a picnic spot and perfect for sunbathing.
Kalpeni Island
Cheriyam, Pitti and Tillakkam together form Kalpeni Island. The island is also renowned as Koefiani and is ome of the most awe-inspiring islands of Lakshadweep. The beautiful lagoons surround the island and the corals make it breath taking beautiful. The island also offers a great time enjoying many water sports like sailing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling and scuba diving.      
Marine Museum
The Marine Museum homes an array of marine life with great diversity. Located in Kaatti Island the museum has some rare and most exotic fishes and sea creatures. A sight for your eyes Marine Museum attracts many tourists every year who come here to admire the colorful sea life but also to gather information about sea life.

Food and Shopping in Lakshadweep
Laksha-food_1482989863p3.jpg Photo by: hunt

Food in Lakshadweep
Being an island, Lakshadweep offers a iety of sea food to savor. The place holds expertise in lip-smacking non-vegetarian food which dominates the vegetarian food of the Island. The food here is highly influenced by the food of its neighboring state Kerala. The food has rich taste of coconut and lots of spices. You can savor the tasty food at any restaurant on the island. The favorite drink here is Coconut Water.
Shopping in Lakshadweep
If you wish to get a souvenir from Lakshadweep the small handicrafts available in the Kaatti Islands are the perfect buy. You can also buy some fish pickle and dried fish. The coconut powder and coconut oil available in the market is pure and the richest.

How to reach Lakshadweep
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Lakshadweep by Air
Lakshadweep has an Airport of its own located in Agatti Island. The Airport entertains regular flights from Kochi Airport. The travel time from Kochi to Lakshadweep is 1 and a half hour. It also has flights from other part of the country.
Lakshadweep by water
There are a few ships that sail from Kochi to Lakshadweep organized by Lakshadweep Administration. The deep blue water of the Arabian Sea takes you floating to the island. Though the travel time is long as it takes 18 to 20 hours but the arrangements available at the ships make the travel comfortable.
Lakshdweep Distance from near by Places
Lakshdweep from Kochi 382 Kilometers
Lakshdweep from Kerala 422 kilometers
Lakshdweep from Mumbai 04 Kilometers

Air Distance from places (in Kms)
Lakshadweep Reviews (150)
from Mumbai, India
4 ★
Food not good in all islands except bangaram resort
from mumbai, India
1 ★
Do not my requirements. Pls do not call me. Pls remove my e-mail id from mailing list. do not contact me via phone or e-mail
5 ★
No photography is allowed here.
5 ★
My overall experience in Lakshadweep was Excellent. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in Lakshadweep was Excellent
5 ★
My overall experience in Lakshadweep was Excellent.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
No photography is allowed here.
5 ★
My overall experience in Lakshadweep was Excellent. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in Lakshadweep was Excellent
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